I like to keep it Fungky/Soulful & Inspirational:
Live Right Love Right.... Be Cool & Stay Fungky


Johnny aka “Bass” is from Roosevelt, Long Island, New York and he has been playing the bass for over 30 yrs.... I’ve been a musician leader and have assisted musician leaders at different Churches & Congregations.... I grew up on the genres of (Gospel, Funk & Soul, R&B, Smooth Jazz).... I believe as the Word is written in (Proverbs 18:16) "A man’s gift makes room him, And brings him before great men”.... Influenced by bassplayers such as: Mark L Adams (R.I.P.), Bootsy Collins, Louis Johnson, Larry Graham.... I have developed my own style & technic of bassplaying.... My family & I moved to Florida 2003 & I started B.L.P. (Basiiyk Live Productions) which formed the bands: "B.A.S.I.I.Y.K.” / “Mellow Smooth” / "Direct Soul" / (have been jamming at different venues in Florida since 2006) .... GOD has blessed me to be able to create, compose, produce, write, direct, sing & arrange.... I LOVE TO INSPIRE & ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO UTILIZE THEIR GIFTS & TALENT... MY MUSIC IS ABOUT ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO BE FREE & TO EXPRESS THEIR PRAISE TO GOD THE FATHER YAHUVEH.... TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO: LOVE & LET LOVE; LIVE & LET LIVE; LIVE RIGHT LOVE RIGHT & LOVE GOD BACK." WHOM THE SON YAHUSHUA (JESUS) SET YOU FREE YOU ARE FREE INDEED"......... BE GODLY, BE YOU, BE FREE IN YAHUSHUA (JESUS) THE CHRIST......(YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, RUACH HA KODESH) ....... RUACH ha KODESH = HOLY SPIRIT


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