Having played together for 4 years in a variety of forms, we are proud to have a very strong following in the DC/Baltimore area, drawing crowds of about 100 people on a regular basis. We enjoy all styles of music, ranging from rock, to bluegrass.


Basshound evolved out of a group of friends who have enjoyed making music together for years. Blending the sounds of funk, bluegrass, blues, jazz, reggae, and rock, Basshound has emerged onto the scene as a unique and versatile band that will keep your feet moving and your head bobbing. Comprised of drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, and vocals, Basshound enjoys exploring new and creative avenues, taking audiences through the twists and turns of various styles of music. As steady funk rhythms lead the way, free jazz thought explores the boundaries of sound.


We have a number of tracks that have been played on a few college radio stations in the MD area. Our EP was self produced, and is available on our website. We also frequently make our live shows available on our website for download.

Set List

We can play for as long as 3 and a half hour shows. Sets usually run about an hour to an hour and a half. We do some covers - Pink Floyd, The Police, Joe Cocker, Beck, and enjoy turning classic rock songs into bluegrass songs.

This is a setlist from our show at the Funkbox on 5/18/05

Set I

Box Car Dreams
Shook Me
Got Mine
Heavy Metal Rock & Roll
Don't Question

Set II

One More Time
Brick In The Wall
We Ride
The Funkler
Watermelon Man
Shake Everything You Got
One More Time (Reprise)
E: Feeling Alright