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""Year Zero" album review. 8.09"

August 2009
Released: 2009, Stereo Dynamite Recordings
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

FINALLY, we get a new disc from Adam ‘Doom’ Sewell (Monster Voodoo Machine/Damn 13). This new project reunites him with his former Damn 13 band mates Dave Smedley and Mike Charette. What you are getting here is more intense than the last Damn 13 album.

Clocking in just under 25 minutes this debut delivers more music and heaviness than most hour long releases out there. This is the most intense album you will hear this year. The vocals and drums are loud, fast and out of control. It is a full on attack to your system. Songs like “Radio Silence”, “Buzzkill” and “Halo” just confirm it. This trio of songs are just a few of the tracks that stick in your brain after hearing the album. The rest are equally as intense and heavy. If the disc sounds this energetic one can only fathom what the live show must be like.

YEAR ZERO is just the beginning………………stay tuned for more sensory overload! -

"Live review"

Iron Giant / Bastard Child Death Cult / Dutch Oven
Bovine Sex Club, Toronto ON March 21
By Keith Carman

....watching Torontonians Bastard Child Death Cult explode while coupling the likes of Discharge and the Hellacopters was equal parts enticing and frustrating; like aural blue balls. Their upbeat attack and thick low-end is awesome yet it's a constant tease. Having been around the scene for some time now, they rarely perform and have yet to issue an album so that we may become more familiar with the tunes. Sure it's fun to watch singer Adam Sewell bounce around madly but it's even better when you can sing along too, guys. - Exclaim! Magazine

""Year Zero" review 10.29.09"

Bastard Child Death Cult
Year Zero
Stereo Dynamite

The whole country’s gone MAD, gripped with some kind of interminable, back-breaking FEAR. The pigs have struck. The future is BLEAK. Everyone’s afraid to get out of bed in the morning and the person next to you on the street corner will claw at your throat with unnerving FURY if you should even so much as cough in their general direction. It’s everyone for themselves and it’s HEINOUS. There’s no vaccine for that kind of lawlessness and DOOM. But there is a soundtrack.

Adam Sewell’s (ex-Damn 13, Monster Voodoo Machine) new brain bastard child is BCxDC, an anarchistic black force of Toronto punk metal that features current and former members of Damn 13, Monster Voodoo Machine, Cancer Bats, and Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah. Their debut, Year Zero, is quick and deadly, like a shot of curdled venom from a sharp syringe, and Adam’s putting this one out on his own label, so you know the fucker is serious about its plague-like efficacy.

It’s ROTTEN out there and Cursed isn’t coming back anytime soon, so KILL or be killed. -

""Year Zero" album review. 11.15.09"

Bastard Child Death Cult
Year Zero
By Brad Schmale

Toronto, ON's hardcore scene has seen an abundance of acts emerge as of late but very few of them posses the ferocity and noise-polluted aggression of Bastard Child Death Cult. Although the band have existed for a short period of time, their members are all too familiar with the underground rock scene, as most of them are affiliates of Hog Town warriors like Cancer Bats, Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah and Damn 13. Armed with a crushing style of d-beat hardcore, similar to Discharge and Tragedy, this debut release is bursting with intensity, primarily on "Coffin Dragger," "Dead to Me Now" and the sludgy "American Graveyard." Additionally, former Cursed/current Burning Love vocalist Chris Colohan lends his distinctive bellow to the onslaught of sound throughout the album. Year Zero is a powerful and rabid effort that masochistically assaults listeners before leaving them wanting more. (Stereo Dynamite) - Exclaim! Magazine


"Year Zero" (Album 2009. Stereo Dynamite Recordings)



There is a secret society in the underbelly of the Toronto music scene. A collective of noise merchants who will stop at nothing to preserve the city's legacy of "amps-on-11, adrenalin-overdrive, chaos-at-all-costs" hardcore Rock N' Roll gospel.

And at the center of that secret society are the adrenalin junkies known only as BASTARD CHILD DEATH CULT.

Fusing the noise-driven intensity of D-beat hardcore punk (Discharge / Disfear) to hook–laden Scandinavian garage punk rock (Hellacopters / Gluecifer), BASTARD CHILD DEATH CULT are equal parts punk distortion kings, and Rock N’ Roll killing machine.

Formed in the dead cold winter months of early 2008, the band brings together former members of legendary Toronto bands DAMN 13, CANCER BATS, MONSTER VOODOO MACHINE, SOULSTORM and HELL YEAH FUCK YEAH. Musicians who are no strangers to excessive volume, late night death n’ roll sessions, and massive riffs.

The band have made their 2009 JON DREW (Tokyo Police Club / Fucked Up) produced debut album "YEAR ZERO" available for FREE DOWNLOAD! Featuring a guest appearance from former CURSED vocalist CHRIS COLOHAN on several tracks, YEAR ZERO is 10 tracks of raging, rocking, thrashing 80's influenced hardcore-punk rock.

Having recently returned from performing in the UK where they both headlined and shared bills with the Cancer Bats and Trash Talk, BCxDC are now preparing to record a new album in early 2011.

All are welcome to join The Death Cult.

The killing starts now...