Bastard Patriots

Bastard Patriots

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Political/Revolutionary, the Bastard Patriots push education to the crowd with hot beats n lyrics. Randolf McTools and Jon the Baptist(Founder of both wings of the Sandpeople) came together due to similarities in content, and it has been a wonderful match up!!


The Bastard Patriots consist of Jon The Baptist and Randolf McTools and is a political project that speaks on our current affairs of the nation, promotes education, and discuss social stigmas and philosophies. A new collaboration, but one that’s been winning over every crowd that they’ve been put in front of. Jon The Baptist has amazing talent that shoots with out his mouth like a mini gun! The founding member of both wings of the Sandpeople, and being little brother to Sleep of Oldominion, has given Jon experience with the business and a name in the game. A new artist, Randolf McTools has been slowly getting his game together. A singer of songs and a lover of knowledge, Randy comes with a style like raw meat, letting the crowd know how he feels in a aggressive tone, but not a demanding one. The combination of these two artists hits home with hard, revolutionary subject matter, screaming for a awaking of the American people.


Bastard Patriots, self titled, November 2009.

Set List

Set time, 20-45 minutes as called for. Track list, Freedom Isn't Free, War Machine, Peace of Mind, Bullsh*t, Water Damage, Nephilim, Dedicated, A song for the Patriot. No covers, political rants are always in there some where.