BasTiD SoNz

BasTiD SoNz


With the right combination of blood, sweat and other bodily fluids, BasTiD SoNz concoct a potent blend of catchy, genre-defying music rich in vocal harmonies, syncopated guitars and tight grooves.


Brothers by choice, songwriters by trade, the BasTids were formed in 2004 by drummer Perry and vox/guitarist DaveC. The two, having known each other their entire lives, enlisted their brothers G, on
the bass and SQIII, on guitar. Choosing G and SQIII to join the band seemed like an obvious decision, given their shared upbringing and shared musical tastes and interests. The communication of ideas between the 4 bros seemed, to them, almost telepathic.

Their first release, TIMEOUT (March 2005) was initially recorded as a fun project for the four brothers to put their songs and ideas to tape. After selling out of the EP in under a year and having the opportunity to share the stage with friends and mentors, the brothers decided to write and record a full-length album, ROUND TWO
(Sept 2006). Round Two has been moving well and receiving airplay on college stations across Canada and some commercial radio stations within Ontario, Canada. July 2007 saw the BasTiDs joining the bill at Toronto's Opera House for Ill Scarlett's SONY release party for their album All Day With It.

The BasTiDs emphasize their desire and need to create. Never satisfied with their craft being "good enough", the BasTids are constantly writing new material and pushing their songwriting and
performing limitations. Their influences range from Motown to System of a Down and do not discriminate stylistically.

Initially labelled as a ska/punk band, the Bastids have proved that there is far more depth to their sound than can be categorized by mashing genre-names together. Originally billed with other ska/reggae acts, the BasTiDs are now closing scene-gaps between the punk, funk reggae, dance and rock scenes... J

For now, the BasTids will continue to turn heads, defy genres, write, record and perform. Stay tuned for BasTid Sonz shows and expect them to push their songwriting abilities further on their
next release....


Suitz VS Gruntz

Written By: BasTiD SoNz /CrecesD/CrecesG

The suitz hate the grunts and the grunts hate the suits
One wears loafers and the other wears boots
One beats traffic and the other punches clocks
One learns a trade and the other trades stocks

The suits hate the grunts
The grunts hate the suits
One's white-collar
The other wears blue
Everyone's entitled to their own point-of-view
So now what do you suppose that I do??

The suit walks quickly down the street
Briefcase in his hand with Armani head-to-feet
The look in his eyes got a predetermined glaze
Got a predetermined haircut, set in predetermined ways

The suits hate the grunts
The grunts hate the suits
One's white-collar
The other wears blue
Everyone's entitled to their own point-of-view
So now what do you suppose that I do??

The grunt walks slowly down the street
Lunch-box in his hand, bummy clothes from head to feet
The look in his eye got a predetermined glaze
Got predetermined social status, education and pay....

No Business

Written By: BasTid SoNz

Mistakes were made &things were said
Egos hurt and egos heal
Card was laid, the verdict read
A lie will hide what the truth reveals...

I got no business standin whereistand
And doin what I do
I do it anyway
I got no bizness thinkin what i know
and knowin what I think
I think it anyway

Mistakes were made with faces red
Tempers flared and tempers reeled
Bit my tongue and tasted blood
My anger cannot be concealed....



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Set List

Suits VS Grunts
Waste Away
Bein A Bum
Choices (Hearing Voices)
Crossing The Desert
No Business
Keep Walkin!
No More Pretending
Tunnel Vision
Cut Our Losses
Unpaid Holiday
Happy Harold
Traps and Vices
The Workout Song
Piece of Me

2 sets of 45+ mins 90+min in total