Basura Blanka

Basura Blanka


stripped down! old school hard rock, very loud with an emphasis on tone, melody and attitude. We offer a sonic beat down with a heavy, jam oriented sound. You just need to hear it to get it


Basura Blanka is the the illegitimate brain child of Giovani, a Peruvian immigrant with a background in hard rock. He started his quest with a simple internet add entitled "Maybe you just want to jam?". The responses that he got were varied but predictable. Status quo would not cut it - he was looking for something different. Along came Jim Williams with what seemed to be a frankenstein style of old hard rock/blues meets raw hardcore edginess. The pair worked together for months, writing songs and establishing the foundation of their musical ethos. Enter Jim Guenther who, like Jim W, responded to the same ad. Unlike other potential bass players, Guenther brought very strong ideas of how he wanted to form the song structures and brings a certain interwoven harmony to the band's music.
The end result is an ultra heavy, maximum power draw, all-consuming, fusion oriented sound that pleases the non-lame.


A few warped tapes
A cracked Cd
Otherwise, we're working on it, the first EP is in production.
Advance promotional tracks available upon request.

Set List

All originals, 8 to 12 songs live show depending what kind of a groove we get into.