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Our first album was released in 2001, and was recorded by the Batala Paris band. It is called "Batucando".
Our second album was released in 2007, and was recorded by the Batala Brasilia band. It is called "Xiree".
We have to Nike commercials who use our songs. These commercials were aired in Asia, for the Nike Asia Premium Performance.
Here are the links to both commercials:



Batala DC started here in June 2007. As previously mentioned, we are part of a larger family of Batala bands all over the world. The first one started in France when Giba Goncalves, our "founder", who used to play at a very famous Samba Reggae band in Salvador Brasil called Cortejo Afro, decided to start his own. Since then, 1997, Batalas have started in Belgium, U.K, Brasil, Angola and many other places, including here!
Our band is very unique for many reasons. It is an all-volunteer band, meaning that women interested in joining do not need any kind of previous experience drumming (in fact over 95% of our current members did not have any previous experience when they joined). We provide women with the instruments, and all we ask in return is that they seriously commit to the band, which means coming to the rehearsals and being available for most performances.
Also, our band is a celebration of Brasilian culture, and particularly Afro-Brasilian culture. The name of our band "Batala" is derived from one of the deities of the African Religion Yoruba called Obatala, and it also conveniently means "hit it" in Brasilian Portuguese. All of our costumes and drums are hand made by families from the Piraja community, a shantytown in the outskirts of Salvador Bahia, Brasil.
We are one of only two Batala bands comprised of only women, and we are the only one who is completely run, organized, and made by all women.
Our band website is for more information!