Intelligent and chaotic modern hardcore. A seamless hybrid of every known type of heavy music which, while maintaining hardcore and metal roots, has a character all its own. Similar to: Raised Fist, Catharsis, Sick of it all, Faith No More, Neurosis, Strapping Young Lad, Isis


Batoche formed in 2002 and we have spent the past five years as a
100% DIY band. After independently releasing three records (2 under a
different name), repeatedly touring across the country, surviving a
name change, a near death experience and dedicating our every waking
moment to music, we are proud to present our latest LP, Terra
Incognita. This album was recorded at the Hive Creative Labs by Jesse
Gander in 2007, and while maintaining our hardcore and metal roots has
a character all its own. Each song brings new elements of chaos,
atmosphere, flow and power. Lyrically we tackle global issues while
focussing on history and politics from a distinctly Canadian
perspective, encouraging listeners to search for solutions and explore
these issues instead of simply relying on condemnation and knee-jerk

Exclaim Magazine Review of Terra Incognita
November 2007

A continuation of Vancouver-based outfit Born of Ashes, Batoche show
that one doesn't need major label backing or top-notch production to
deliver a scorcher of a metalcore record. Punk rock, technical mayhem
and spacey retrospection are only really the tip of the iceberg, as
all this material is wrapped up in song structures tighter than the
strait of Gibraltar. The serpentine, diverse writing is capped off by
well thought-out lyrics that touch on politics, environmentalism and
the swindling of the public by authority figures in general. As
mentioned before, the production could use a bit of tweaking -the
all-too-common typewriter kick drums are irritating - but for an
independent release offered for free download on the group's website,
it would truly be jerk-ish to complain. They are one of North
America's metalcore elite, not just Canada's. (Independent)

Similar to: Raised Fist, Catharsis, Sick of it all, Faith No More, Neurosis, Strapping Young Lad, Isis


Flesh and Stone

Written By: Shawn

We all desire something more.
The crushing force of an overcast sky.
The arid landscape of an asphalt maze.
The archetypal roles that we're obliged to fill
leave us as hollow shells, automatons preforming empty gestures.
Voluntary submission, protective servitude.
The desire to feel that we contribute to institutions and ideologies.
We strive to rebuild those ghostly bridges
those passages between souls.
We reach out to chemical gods, vicarious fiction, and
cathartic release. Reach out.
We all crave the warm embrace of
certainty, of flesh and stone,
man of clay, spirit bled dry.

Note To Self

Written By: Kevin/ Colin

Time for change, now where to begin?
Need somthing new to dig me out of this rut I'm in.
First let's get back to the basics.
Isolate all the vices, throw it all away.
As it pertains to this situation.
Self indulgence the pretense and the demon.
Time to brave the storm inside my mind
conquer doubt conquer fear see the storm from its eye.
So I try though nothing seems to satisfy.
No, I will not be satisfied.
Take control of my life. No, I will not be satisfied.
Just lay down and die.
Time has passed now let's see what has changed.
Nothing new seems to fill this vancancy. Have to look
in diffrent places. Conquer doubt, see the storm from its eye.
So I'll try to live a better life.

Dichondra Frontier

Written By: Shawn

I am not afraid
and I refuse to glorify
the arms race that is
happening in our streets.
Markets built on fear,
cities poisoned with distrust
I'd rather take the risk of
being unarmed than see one more
needless weapon out on our
streets. Suburban scabs lay on
festering wounds. Asphixiation.
City center, wasteland,
rotten core. Urban decay.
We've bulldozed the graves
of our great grandparents to build
internment camps for the prisoners
of our economic wars. We've drawn
straight lines on curved maps.
We subdivide and we conquer.
We subdivide and forget.
Big box cultural bricks.
Concrete Tetris pieces.
Faster and faster and faster
they fall while we scramble for new
ways to make them fit.
Urban wasteland, urban decay.

Terra Incognita

Written By: Shawn

As we laugh at the science of yesterday
we must bear in mind that one nation's madman is another's Christ,
and the new dogmas are often as vicious as the old.
Our arrogance will be our undoing.
We have not reached the final end of human understanding
we must continue to question the foundations of all of our beliefs.
We must not let logic become a creed.
Every paradigm is flawed and only a fool would claim infallibility.

Armchair Malcontent

Written By: Colin

The sirens start to sound, filling the streets with maniacal laughter.
She turns to you and says "maybe someday change will come,
but only through a dedicated few."
She turns her head back and joins the cacophony. It's too bad we're
all drowning here in this apathy.
Hypocrisy is now a universality. As she turns back you match
her gaze, it's easier to criticize than it is to praise just as it's
easier to dismantle than to build.
The street lights flicker nervously in the awkward silence.
You're checking your watch for something to say.
It's too bad we're all drowning here in this apathy.
Her brown eyes blazing she says "I heard their televising the next revolution,
but of course it's pay per view."
You should get used to disappointment because
you're just talking in cliches it's really too bad that we're all
drowning here in this apathy, but then again, what are you gonna do.


Written By: shawn

Shackled with debt made dependent on aid.
Leaders installed who are no more than puppets
pulled by the strings we attach to our gifts.
Forced into economic slavery. Your true intentions are clear,
spreading a poison disguised as a cure. A demand for every favour.
Building an empire rooted in greed.
World bank infrastructure loans, missionaries and pharmaceuticals,
march of the neo-cons. Hook in your mouth and a smile on your face.
This compassion is self-serving. This is business as usual. The modern slave trade has
moved offshore. A favour now for your services later. Subservience
enforced though extortion and murder. All you've ever known reduced to
dust for our benefit. Call it what you will, it's the systematic
implementation of our ideals. I offer you a bargain. The baited hand
of benevolence. A thin veil of altruism covers a condescending moral
stance. You're either an enemy or a friend a savage or a slave and
antagonist or a dependant. Decide.

Belial's End

Written By: Shawn

Bow down to the new gods. The self obsessed tyrants.
The pagan cults of ancient times have been replaced with
brand name worship.
Cursed black wings of commerce spread a shadow
great and unavoidable relentlessly reaching ever further to every
corner of the globe. Flickering idols sate our passions with trinkets and shiny baubles
while demanding the daily sacrifice of innocent third world
blood. The masses supplicate themselves
to bow and sue for scraps,
while paying dreadful praise through droning commercial mantras.
The archfiend's long sought victory now seems near complete
The beast that we created has become the master that we all serve.


Terra Incognita (2007)

receiving airplay on many Canadian and
international independent radio stations including but not limited to; CJSF, CITR, CFCR, CKXU, CKUL, CILU...
and many streaming radio staions including Exclaim Magazine's "Aggresive Tendancies Radio"

Set List

Typically we play a 45 minute set of original songs from our latest release Terra Incognita. Sometimes we also include ambient improvisations and possibly even older songs from our previous incarnation Born of Ashes.