Modern Wave with a punk attitude and rooted in HipHop grooves with edgy guitars. "Blazin PFunk Rock and R&B!"


This four piece has a unique sound that cannot be summarized by the standards of contemporary rock n’ roll. Guitarist, ilan Frid and bassist, Scott Ritner met in Saint Petersburg, Russia where Ritner was a student and Frid had been invited to DJ. They spent a few weeks partying, Djing and conversing about influences like Iggy Pop, Gang of Four, RunDMC, Rage Against the Machine and Sly and the Family Stone. Frid, from New York, and Ritner who was moving there agreed to get together and create some new music when they both got to the big city.

Once in New York, they enlisted Mats Nordman, who had played in MYTVS with Frid, to be their drummer and turned to finding a frontman. It did not take them long to find Robert Cordell, who wowed them with his voice, his attitude and his desire to collaborate.

That is exactly what this band is. They are a worldly bunch (Nordman is from Sweden, Frid lived in Belgium until he was eight, Cordell lived in Nicaragua for a time and Ritner spent time living in Russia), and it shows in their attitudes about fun. Each member brings his own experiences, upbringings, and tastes to each song. Ritner and Frid use their interests in hip hop and electronic music to bring unorthodox sounds to the stage, and at times, ilan uses his Les Paul for sounds that make programmers do a double-take. The two of them weave in and out of each-other using Nordman’s powerful drums as a foundation for a cutting-edge, original groove that is all their own. Add to this the penthouse of Robert’s voice and underworld lyrics, you get the sound that is Batorats; a band far beyond the average complaint-rock and love songs of their contemporaries.

Set List

New Craze
Bomb Squad
Give iT a Go
Chase It Around All Night
Raise or See
Jungle Jim