Energetic and catchy post punk with metal and dance tendencies using science as a constant source for inspiration.


Formed in 2006 by complex molecules, BATS have been dispersing their audio seed throughout Ireland and the rest of Europe with fervent vigour. Their debut E.P ‘Cruel Sea Scientist’ was released in late 2007 to much critical acclaim, and soon after the leatherwings were signed to independent label The Richter Collective. Their blend of visceral but catchy post-punk/hardcore/metal and scientific musings has attracted a wide spectrum of fans that continues to grow steadily.

Much of 2008 was spent writing new material and performing live with such heavyweights as These Arms Are Snakes, The Locust, Liars, Sebadoh, Chrome Hoof and Gang Gang Dance. In March 2009 these dynamic mammals crossed the Atlantic to record their debut full-length, ‘Red in Tooth & Claw’, with Kurt Ballou (Converge) in Godcity Studios, located in the icy heart of Salem, Massachusetts and have gone on to play shows with The Jesus Lizard and ZU.
Red in Tooth and Claw has garnered critical acclaim from all corners of the globe and the subsequent UK tour with Blakfish was roaring success. Their video for Shadow-Fucking has just been nominated for an Irish Music Video award:


The Cruel Sea

Written By: BATS

This ocean is different,
With many predators.
We've traveled farther,
Our hearts are heavy.

Out here we're helpless for sure.
Our mainsail is breathless and broken.
Our needles to not point to magnetic north.
These creatures survive at a time before the field was reversed.

"We have struck rocks!"

Please, please, Plesiosaur!
Quick! Please save our souls.
We are wrecked!
Please help us to shore.

Please! Please!
Don't let that beast called a Tylosaur eat us up.
We've lost our minds. We are dead.
Our carbon hearts.

This breathing is different,
With balanced gases.
Our skies are heavy,
Our hearts are ready.

Tell me my friend,
Are you the serpent from our recent past?
Will you survive past the boundaries of death laid by KT?

Men swore they saw something like you,
Before engines deafened ship lanes and trade routes.

We're burning the bodies of fauna from our distant past.

You unlocked it from far below.
Raised it and spewed it out.

Open your callipers beast-molder.
I admit I'm guilty too.
It would help if more believed in you.

We are drowning!

I have seen the changing gene, endless forms of many beasts.
Nature's red, like they said, in tooth and claw.
Dead instead.

Star Wormwood

Written By: BATS

We are not destroying the secrets, they lead to more.
We are now asking the questions of other worlds.

We've used our telescopes to peer beyond our reach,
Into the past, into the birth of this one.
We've looked inside of nuclei, and come to find a tiny world,
Laws so different.

How will we live?
Will we prosper or will we die?
Star Wormwood (truth is found)

Should we ignore, can we suffer the sleeping mass?

Will you raise arms in thanks if a rock tumbles silently into our home?
Will you gaze up in awe at the darkening sky?
You can search all you want for the reason and meaning in such massive death
But you can't hear the sound of a beast treading lightly in mist.
Could you be more obsessed with the tiniest speck?

There could be more next to our own.
But how many?
Now let me count.

Fusion is there, if we want it we gotta try.
I still welcome Star Wormwood.
Lessons from a dying sun.

We are cutting a window.

Vermithrax Pejorative

Written By: BATS

Give me your daughters!
The ones who've not known the flesh of a man.
Dress her in flowers.
The garnish of ages passed.

I will not burn your homes, I will spare you.
I am old, near death,
I still feel this hunger.

People have killed all of my children.
This man pierced my thoat.
I am the last of my kind and my blood flows like a river,
Right into your mouths,
Filling your bellies.

As I bleed,
As I flounder,
Now in the clouds, the realm of my fathers.

You have failed,
Assumed intervention.
I am the wyrm,
Killed by a man using lightning.

You said what? You didn't mean it?
I'm dying now. I always have been.
Your alchemy will diminish me,
And lead to death and chemistry.

You see you're wrong.

I am called The Wyrm (of Thrace).
I make things much worse.

Lord Blakeney's Arm

Written By: BATS

He needs some surgery.
Hunt them down "Acheron!"

No Galapagos.
No, we're gaining on the phantom.
No flightless birds.
No use for your studies.

We must cut off his arm.
The infection will spread.

He needs surgery now!
Lord Blakeney's arm!

Gamma Ray Burst

Written By: BATS

You look so good in the ray-light.
It could be said she's raised by wolves,
It could be said her gaze is cold.
It could be said we're short on time,
Until the ray-burst hits she's mine.

The speed it's moving,
This fucker's really bright.
She's skilled at grooving,
Might be my final sight.

You look so good in the ray-light,
Lifting your skirt in the night-time.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta.

Can I touch you, Can I kiss you baby,
On the night that the burst hits.
Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta baby,
On the night that the burst hits.

They said before the chance was low,
It is about the angle don't you know.
But then we clocked these photons yo,
I've not the heart to tell her so.

The speed we're moving, the time we're losing.
But still I'm glad we came.
And though we're tired, and Earth's on fire.
We will be right as rain.

You look so good in the day-light,
Hearing your voice in the night-time,
Radiation at high-speed,
Dancing at dusk in the hi-beams.

As the flesh peels right off my bones,
I've learned my lesson to take it slow.
As I touch her new dress I know,
I'll not find one just like her, no.

Gamma Ray Burst, I salute you.

She is too powerful for me.

I never thought you could be more beautiful.


Cruel Sea Scientist: EP 2008

Red In Tooth And Claw: Sept 2009

Gamma Ray Burst gets airplay on Kerrang radio and Shadow-Fucking gets radio play on BBC Radio 1

Set List

We typically play 40 minute sets:

Higgs Boson Particle
Gamma Ray Burst
These Ones Lay Eggs
Death To Kent Hovind
Credulous! Credulous!
Bats Spelled Backwards is Stab
Vermithrax Pejorative
The Barley