Batten Down Your Heart

Batten Down Your Heart

 Olivehurst, California, USA

In their steady march towards success, BDYH has continued to redefine the Metal-core scene. Playing metal infused with hardcore and progressive elements, they bring a new tone to heavy music. Their energy and dedication will not only want you to come back for more, but bring your friends as well.


Northern California has always been renowned for its musical talent, and Batten Down Your Heart is no exception to this! In the past few months BDYH has defined themselves not only with distinguishing ability, but with their sheer, brutal energy.

With the release of their self titled debut E.P. (produced by Bob Swanson at Mayhemness Studios), Batten Down Your Heart is a force to be reckoned with. The heavy drums, and sophisticated guitar harmonies bring a whole new tone to the hardcore scene. The vocals provided by their front-man, only known as “Blue” expose a vicious undertone.
Known for their loyal fans and energetic stage presence, to attend a Batten Down Your Heart show is to witness a collection of people that understand the true meaning of hardcore music......"Unity"

The band was formed in 2007 by guitarist David Dhaddey, drummer Dave Edwards, bassist Diego Luna.
After many months auditioning for a second guitarist and solid vocalist, in the spring of 2008, Ryan Hunt (Guitar/Vocals) and Blue (Vocals) joined the band. Finally, Batten Down Your Heart was able to achieve and fine tune the style they had been searching for.

BDYH has been perfecting their live sound and continually working on redefining the music scene.
They have played many successful shows in the time since, and there is one thing for certain…YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS BAND!


2009 I.Y.A.Z. Cover-Replay
2010 Self titled E.P.

Set List

You've Got a Kool-AIDS Mustache
Ivan Drago Bench Presses Freight Trains
Death Before Dishonor
Hold My Snuggie While I Knock This Dude Out!

Too Stunned