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FRIDAY 30th March 2007

Friday the 30th March was a special night for the local music scene. BATTLECAT launched their debut self titled EP at the Swan Basement, which, as a result of the overwhelming support, numbers and mood, was a night to remember, as well as a solid indicator of future success. The determination and dedication the four Battlcat boys have poured into their craft, is demonstrated in their solid, tight, indestructible presence within a room, a unit not to be reckoned with. From the start of the evening, when numbers were already considerably high for the Swan Basement at eight thirty on a Friday evening, one knew the night was going to hold great, great things.

And so came the climax of the night. The lights were set up. The Swan Basement was absolutely packed beyond the point of being able to move fluidly across the dance floor. So much anticipation, warmth and good will filled the room, as the Battlecat boys grouped to the right of stage, in what felt like a moment of realisation for them, this is what they had been working for over the last months. Every gig was one step closer to this launch, the official launch of their musical identity, to take an actual presence in the marke..t of the local music scene as the unit that is Battlecat. They took to the stage, and the response from the crowd could not prevent a single person from glowing inside with pride, it was honestly an amazing moment, one that this reviewer had not experienced at any other local launch. Christian's powerful vox penetrated the wall of solid heavy rock, complimented by harmonies from Rosie, who when combined, had a simply awesome resonance above the power that was the music. Scotty Chapman poured his heart and soul into every single drum beat, which was in turn felt throughout the audience. The interaction between Rosie and Scott, the pure expressions of breathless, sweat drenched enjoyment as they played engaged the audience further.

..Kent 'Ox' Dolling's antics on the bottom end provided a further point of connection with the crowd at front of stage. Kent plays right to the people, draws them in, and expresses his feelings of fulfilment and gratification as a result of the music he is immersed in, through facial expressions which are both enthralling, and readable, encouraging you to feel what he is feeling. The whole outfit is then balanced by the power stanza of Christian Parkinson, front and centre. His nonchalant command of stage is so natural, so respected. When he sings, he sings with power, with gusto, with a tone and timber that is undeniably powerful and unlike anything else in the scene. As their last song drew to a close, the audience didn't want it to end. The energy and excitement BATTLECAT stir when they play is like a drug that you never want to leave your system. As the lights faded and they departed the stage, making their way through the crowd, people swamped them to shake hands, pat backs and embrace these four accomplished musicians, whose sweat poured out their bodies, like the music that they played.

..Every individual present had the debut EP included in their door price, so all left with their little piece of audible BATTLECAT [as well as the tailored BATTLECAT stamps on their wrists]. Another aspect of the night which confirmed the sincerity of these guys, was the acknowledgement of their managers hard work and efforts. Tanya was presented with a bouquet of flowers, and thanked publicly mid set, which again lifted the spirits of the audience, and the guys, and just absolutely made the Swan Basement on the 30th of March, the place to be. BATTLECAT can be experienced next in Mandurah at Players Bar on the 12th of April, and in Bunbury at the Prince of Wales on the 13th of April.

This reviewer would like to thank Christian, Rosie, Kent and Scotty sinc..erely, for being themselves, and for the music they add to the most isolated city in the world . For not following trends, for playing the music that is within them, and offering it up to the local scene. Rare is it common to see genuine rockers, playing the music that they love, and not altering it, themselves or their image in a way which sacrifices what they stand for, or who they are, for the sake of 'acceptance' by mass audiences. BATTLECAT need not contemplate such tactics, for what they are, is what they are loved for. Congratulations BATTLECAT, may the good times, and the good tunes roll.



The level of musicianship and command of stage was then intensely incremented as Battlecat ripped into their set with a hard-hitting, well rounded solid feel to each song. Battlecat, a four piece hard rock crew fronted perfectly by Christian Parkinson, who has formally worked with The Screaming Jets, delivered a slab of pure rock satisfaction. This fulfilment was delivered through Christian's strong unassailable vocals and rhythm guitar, Rowen 'Rosie' Mead's rousing lead guitar technique, Kent 'Ox' Dolling's demanding bottom end, and Scott Chapman, who ties together this hard rock quartet with his meticulous timing and endless fervour on stage. The front of stage crowd grew dramatically within minutes, and eager bodies scrambled on the grass under a shower of Battlecat pics, which were all excitingly sought after. On completion of their set, Battlecat were met with an appreciative applause, one they were genuinely humbled by. Battlecat are launching their debut EP March 30 at the Swan Basement, definitely worth inking that one in your diaries - WWW.PERTHBANDS.COM


Finally the last band, Battlecat graced the stage to climax the night. Battlecat never fail to take their stage with such power and gusto that it is impossible to not be drawn into their solid, fat, hard rock aura. It was a shame that the crowd [being a Sunday night] had diminished to such an extent that they were playing to a half empty room, however you would have never known, for they played like the room was full and there were people to play to outside. A true indicator of professionalism appreciated and respected by those who stayed to experience their offering.

And so came the end to another quality S.L.A.M evening, with standouts like Fools of April, Neon Kelly and Battlecat, who all earnt their honorable mention, and should be experienced as soon as their humanly possible. Seize our local scene, we are so lucky so have promoters and lovers of music like Stevie D to expand our understanding of the local scene, and present its offerings in such a succint, eight bands, two stage layout.


BATTLECAT self titled EP
BATTLECAT II self titled EP



BATTLECAT are a 3 piece hard rock tribe that exploded from the West coast of Australia.

They now call Melbourne home, and are gathering momentum quickly, for an all out assault on the national rock scene.

The BATTLECAT live show continues to gather rave reviews and so far the guys have shared the stage with such artists as Grinspoon, Birds of Tokyo, Gyroscope, The Screaming Jets, Jimmy Barnes, Galvatrons, Dallas Crane and The Angels.

Shortly, BATTLECAT will release their second, 6 track E.P which was engineered and mixed @ Couch studios in Fremantle, Western Australia by Shaun O' Callaghan (Eskimo Joe, Gyroscope, John Butler) and mastered @ Benchmark Mastering in Sydney, Australia by the legendary Don Bartley (Powderfinger, Silverchair, The Vines, Metallica)

Rich, raw and melodic, and dripping with colour and energy, the BATTLECAT engine is tight as hell and built for maximum speed. With powerful and soaring vocals, thunderous rhythms and a damn catchy guitar riff, this is definitely one Aussie 3 piece to keep your eyes and ears on....

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