San Francisco, California, USA

We are 6 piece band who does not allow genre to constrain us. We have all the rock ingredients, with the addition of horns and synth. Comparisons are usually used as descriptors for us:Man Man, Deerhoof, Frank Zappa, Flaming lips, Syd Barrett, Ariel Pink, Os Mutantes, Iggy Pop, Beefheart, Pink Floyd


Battlehooch unabashedly walks the line between pop sensibility and avant garde experimentation, bending the chaotic into the melodic and evoking passionate responses in everyone that hears them. Battlehooch describes their sound as "shape-shifting orchestral rock," characterizing the band's tendency to write stylistically varied songs with unique arrangements, and their ability to adapt to any performance environment.

During the latter half of 2010, Battlehooch expanded their national audience with a 4-month American odyssey, playing in 40 different cities in 38 states. Video footage collected by each band member has been providing raw material for both an episodic tour documentary and the Desolation Video series of live off-the-grid performances in remote, iconic locations. Visit the Battlehooch YouTube channel to see the lads playing in unlikely venues ranging from an abandoned car factory to a southern swamp.

After 15,000 miles of road-testing new material, the band is now back at their headquarters in the foggy outskirts of San Francisco. They are currently engaged in their most ambitious recording project to date.


Self-Released :
--- 2007 // Oof Owf EP (October 2007)

--2009 // Wiretap Music Presents Covers
"only baby sharks" by Chairman Wow
(march 2009)

---2009 // Piecechow LP
(June 2009)

--2010 // Self Titled LP
(April 2010)

Set List

When I say Battlehooch is shapeshifting, I mean just that. They can do everything from a stripped down acoustic set to gonzo artpop regalia to full on post rock freak outs. They play all original material and have played everything from 15 minute sets to 2 hour sets. Just tell 'em how long they have to play and they'll do the rest.