Battling Delirium

Battling Delirium


“The sound is psychedelic progressive rock at its “inspired” finest.”
— xero, TomorrowFactory
Battling Delirium combines heavy metal, psychedelia, ambience and straight up rock and roll to form a wicked stage presence and infectious studio experience.


Battling Delirium (Cameron Alidor, Marshall Mears, Criss Grissim & Andrew Overstreet) combines elements of progressive rock, metal, and classic rock to create a versatile and psychedelic sound. It is equal doses of mind and soul that make their songs so mesmerizing and emotional, but also intricate and technical.

Battling Delirium is a mind altering powerhouse with progressive rock and classic rock influences. Drawing on their various musical, artistic and cultural backgrounds, Battling Delirium have truly reinvented ear candy for the masses.




Super Psychedelic Love Songs for the Dark Hearted-2012

Untitled Album-2014