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Batty Jr.

Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Austin, TX
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Indie


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"Batty Jr.: "A Little For Later""

This Austin-based four-piece features tired-eyed Texas troubadour Zeke Jarmon, Wild Child founding member Sadie Wolfe, as well as Taylor Turner and Jeff Olson, who together render an uncommon musical perspective of the day-to-day world around us. Whether its eons in the past, a minute into the future, or right in the spur of the moment, Batty Jr.’s lyrics take a slice of life and with their dreamy instrumental arrangements, re-serve it as their own idiosyncratic, observational and introspective dish.

Released this past February, Batty Jr.’s debut album From The Land Of Insofaras totes six songs all recorded live, back-to-back seamlessly – shedding any post-production studio magic in favor of unrepeatable mid-performance moments. The second track off From The Land Of Insofaras, “A Little For Later,” (featuring CAPYAC’s Delwin Campbell on drums) is initially a slow and despondent tune that elevates to a tranquil, harmonized chany…sure to make any indie-folk-rocker go batty for Batty Jr. - KUTX - Jack Anderson

"Album Review: From The Land Of Insofaras"

I caught Batty Jr. last month at Radio, oozing arena-sized charisma on a stage too small to include Jeffrey Olson’s drum kit. He accompanied stand-up bass, cello and guitar bare-palmed on any surface his fingers could find, while the rest of the band strummed and plucked and bowed. Charisma is more than virtuoso musicians playing together for the pure joy of it, though. The meter goes up in accordance with how unique their soundscape is, which leads me to what might possibly be the oddest band comparison Batty Jr. will ever be party to.

I’m going to compare them to the Doors.

I’ve been listening to the recently-released 1966 recording of the Doors at the London Fog – their first gig as a house band – where they oozed their own arena-sized charisma from a stage not much bigger than Radio’s. I was surprised by how fully-formed they were a year before the release of their iconic first album. A lot of musical ideas had been tried and discarded on the way to an alchemic blend of blues, jazz, carnivalesque organ and a crooning lead voice. The musically sublime usually doesn’t look good on paper. You’ve got to hear it to believe it.

But while the Doors used their charisma to incite, disturb, provoke and otherwise channel the noir underbelly of Los Angeles, Batty Jr. just plain want you to feel good, in that weird Austin way. They have also arrived fully-formed on their debut EP, "From the land of Insofaras." I won’t mention the influences I hear, except to say that their music has the fullness of Dylan’s "Blonde on Blonde," and yet the lean muscularity of the Stooges’ "Funhouse." It marinates in a whimsicality that rivals Brian Wilson’s "Smile" with vocal textures that range from a skewed take on Velvets-era Lou Reed to doo-wop harmony filtered through the Avant Gard sensibilities of composer Philip Glass.

Zeke Jarmon’s guitar veers from angular roots licks to spacey jams with Taylor Turner’s bass coiling around it like an amorous rattlesnake(the EP starts off with a “mating call” between the two instruments). Sadie Wolfe’s cello – which is sometimes played as a lead instrument – is a seamless blend of conventional and downright loopy. Founding member Delwin Campbell’s drums jazz up the rhythm considerably.

If Batty Jr. is derivative, however, then so are the Doors, Joy Division and mid-period Dylan himself. Rather, they're part of a tradition of artists who have tossed the presents aside and are playing with the wrapping. I hear a lot of happy accidents on this EP. - Joe Vastano


Still working on that hot first release.



Batty Jr. is an indie folk-rock band born, raised, and based in Austin, TX. Frontman and songwriter Zeke Jarmon has been captivating listeners in Austin since childhood,  winning The Chronicle's 2008/2009 "Best Teen Band" and "Best Roots Rock Band" in his early days with The Fireants. Batty Jr. formed when Jarmon began collaborating with Wild Child's Sadie Wolfe (cello), Delwin Campbell (percussion) of Capyac, and UT Jazz Orchestra Bassist Taylor Turner. Batty Jr. released their debut album "From The Land Of Insofaras" on February 12th, 2017. The album was received warmly by the local music community, described as having "brilliant lyrics, identity, melody, humor" (Shakey Graves) and  "the freshness and the authenticity of someone who probably doesn't look in the mirror too much" (Do512). According to Jarmon, "life is a melody-laced landscape of rhymes and stories from the past, present, or whatever else we can grasp. Batty Junior is a band that captures this world in photographs of song and spirit."

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