BatukAxé is an Afro-Brazilian ensemble whose goal is to present a modern style of the authentic tradition of Blocos Afro and Axe music to the American audience. Evocative vocals over a rhythmic layer that makes your body vibe.


Marcus Santos and Sandro Scoccia created BatukAxé in 2004 as part of an organization whose goal is to preserve, promote and strengthen the Afro-Brazilian culture in the US.

BatukAxé presents both the traditional and the contemporary music of the northeast of Brazil. The group includes some of the finest percussionists and musicians available in Boston, MA.

Developed in the state of Bahia, where 90% of the population is of African descent and especially in the city of Salvador, this music is rooted in the tradition of the Carnival Blocos Afro, groups of vocalists and percussionists performing Brazilian rhythms based on African roots.

The music of the Blocos Afro, among which Olodum and Ile Ayie are the most popular, often has lyrics of social involvement and empowerment of the lower classes and Black population in general.


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We do have a DVD of our performances available to promoters. Just sent us an email and we'll send it to you.

Set List

Prapiri, Boneca Calunga, Baculejo, Magalenha, Vem Pra Minha Aldeia, No woman no cry...
We play usually a 50"to 60" minutes set.Performances over 1 hour can be arranged upon request.