If someone asked you to describe what truly represents today’s modern rock movement, what would you say? If you had to pick one album that encompasses all that makes music so personally exciting and inspirational, which would you pick?
In today’s current musical landscape, many bands attempt to create their take on a straight-ahead, definitive rock album, but few bands, if any, pull this off quite like Columbia, South Carolina’s BAUMER.

Formed in 2004, the four members of BAUMER, and their home-base Eyeball Records, could quite possibly be preparing the release of what may go down as one of the most powerful and truly epic albums of our generation. Drawing influences from bands like New Order, Nine Inch Nails, or The Cars, BAUMER take the sound of electronic power rock to the next level, representing, much like the aforementioned bands, a future of music we have not yet seen. Most closely and often compared to today’s contemporaries Muse or The Faint, BAUMER creates an album so amazingly slick and balls-to-the-wall, accompanied by their dizzying array of time signatures, it is almost impossible to deny the sheer brilliance of the band’s latest “Were It Not For You.”

Much like the band’s 2005 album, “Come On, Feel It,” “Were It Not For You” is the soundtrack to a late night dance party that ends in a passionate love affair with the girl across the room. Standout ballads like “In Your Stead,” will blow your speakers and your mind, and will unquestionably remain stuck in your brain for the rest of your life, “Hard Drug,” which sounds like what The Smiths would produce if they wanted to rock the f*ck out, is a swirling and spiraling, gorgeous track that will likely end up on many best songs of ’08 lists, “On Our Way,” which should be the soundtrack to all those kick-ass days when you feel at the top of your game, and “Lucky Strike,” a monstrous rock track that proclaims “Love, you say it calms your nerves, love, steals your head as it burns, you say it’s cool and keeps you thin, this one’s done, light one up again” will give any listener the chills and is oozing with sexual innuendos.

Bottom Line: BAUMER rocks with an unbridled ferocity that sounds like the band must have twenty members exuding this monstrous and unmatched supremacy. Introducing the future of music, and your new favorite band.

While essentially Baumers freshman effort, Come On, Feel it is in no way immature. Baumer have made an album as cohesive and concise as anything by a band with twice its experience. Boykins confident vocal inflections soar over tasteful arrangements that combine a perfect balance of drums, synths, guitars, and electronic beats. Furthermore, if Baumers infectious melodies dont become ingrained in your head, the lyrics sure as hell will. It doesnt have to be perfect like a movie scene / Love is almost always accidental sings Boykin in Denouement, a song that is both observational and heart-felt.

However analyzed, Baumer is nearly impossible to ignore and will turn any living room, office or car into an instant party. So, turn it up and get your dancing shoes because Baumer is red hot, and Come On, Feel It is an unstoppable album.


Take What's Mine

Written By: Baumer

I’m surrounded softly by the beat
Still dumbfounded by the intolerable heat
You came close to me and you danced
It came close to being my last

I’ll take what’s mine before I regret it
And mute this feeling I too often get

Instantly you struck me as quite a catch
Luckily I left you without a scratch
You seem capable of mind-control
You’ve disabled my very soul

How the West 1

Written By: Baumer

Consciousness is bliss
We gather here to watch
The gears spin and twist
We don’t know what we’ve done
The world is on fire to spark competition
Resources acquired, we’re so clever but not that clever

When the West won, I was so very taken
By the world I saw that I found my self shaking
Clutched to cash withdrawn from the mouth of oppression
Smile enjoy the fun, it’s how the West won

Consequences missed
While we were entertained
Our allies were pissed
We smiled and paid them off
The world our empire, we’ve lost our ambition
Concerns have expired, they’re so lucky but not that lucky

All In

Written By: Baumer

A girl so precious to me
Hot lips and fit- it’s so tempting
That I’ve lost what I need
To forgive and live alone in peace
Why must I carry on- it makes no sense to be
Alone at the top of the world
Please save me

All in you stole my heart
All in I bet the farm
All in then felt the sting
I called your bluff, baby, but I still lost everything

A world once well know to me
Was whipped and lit- it’s now melting
Down to obscurity
A footnote I quote when I’m losing
Why must I carry on- it makes no sense to be
A queen-less king of the world
Please save me


WERE IT NOT FOR YOU (3/4/08 - Eyeball Records)
Come On, Feel It (2006 - Eyeball Records)