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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rejuvenate, Relax, Rock… Is there anything Baylock can’t make you do?"

Normally I have a high tendency of overdosing on new music that I hear. I’ll listen to the same new songs on repeat for days at a time until finally I can’t hear them anymore. However, the past few weeks I’ve been listening to Baylock, based out of the Providence, Rhode Island area, consistently with no signs of slowing down. This leads me to two possible conclusions: my tolerance for repeated exposure to music has grown tremendously or Baylock’s fusion of reggae and rock is addicting. I’m leaning towards the latter. With energy fueled songs such as General Store and Gone For Good, Baylock will make you want to rock out with little discretion and seconds later relax and sing along to the mellower Rise (personal favorite). Baylock has recently released a new song on their MySpace called Conscience which gives me high hopes for the new album they are currently writing which should be finished later this year. They are also scheduling shows in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, specifically Providence on August 16th at Club Hell. So check them out, give them some support, and patiently wait for the new album. -

"McRipRock's Lonestar Sixpack Project"

Baylock–One Good To Be Told: Out of Providence, RI, Baylock emerges with their fast-paced Progressive Roots Rock. Largely inspired by the big wigs of alternative rock, the four piece band recreates vibes previously established (Third Eye Blind, Dispatch, Sublime). The albums lifts off with “Gone for Good,” a track that highlights the band’s darker side with eery guitar solos and truthful lyrics. The second track, “Rise,” brings you to the polar opposite of the opening, buzzing with a lighthearted feel and establishes the band’s ability to create a vast span of impassioned music. Finally, a delicate track and a treat is “Patience” which encapsulates the listening with several layers of alluring acoustic guitar, uplifting instrumentation and sad, heartfelt lyrics– a contradiction that works well and plays nicely.
5.3 McRiprock’s - Austin Daze

"Rowdy, Wild' Crowd supports Zox, Baylock"

"The opening act, Baylock, pumped up the crowd by starting with fast-paced energetic music."
"Even with slower songs, the vocals were strong and the crowd attentive. "
"During one song McLaughlin actually left the stage and performed in the crowd, strengthening the connection between the musicians and the audience." - Northeastern News


One Good To Be Told- 2009



The Providence music scene is a diverse collection of talent, boasting acts such as Monty, Sage Francis, Zox and many others. Because the average listener in this area has such a versatile ear, it is the best place for Baylock to call home. Baylock has already made a name for themselves in Providence and are expanding to greater New England at a fast pace, opening for bands such as Badfish, Moshav, and Zox. In between shows the band has begun its first album, recording each song shortly after it is written, this process has allowed them to grasp their unique but universal sound.
Although each song has a consistent concentration on melody, each is uniquely definable and can span across many genres. The songs arise from the combination of two stunningly separate yet complimentary writing styles that provide for boundary bending songs enhanced by strong harmonies. Aside from this, perhaps the largest contributor to Baylock’s sound is their influences. There is always a direct correlation between what you find in the bands CD players and the song they are working on at the time. Although the taste is constantly changing, there are those few who make lasting impressions and can be found almost anywhere in Baylock’s music, such as Ben Harper, Pearl Jam, Dispatch, Third Eye Blind and Sublime.
John McLaughlin (bass) and Tim Crowley (lead guitar/vocals) had been friends from middle school struggling through bands together, until they found the right combination and formed the band Riverside with Chris Parry (hand percussion/rhythm guitar/vocals). Before long the trio’s creativity required a more full sound, which came in the form of their drummer Matt Kirby. Reborn as Baylock, the four set out to create a sound that focus’ on diversity, melody and creativity. Baylock’s mind set and sound promote open mindedness and acceptance both in and out of the realm of music.
Above all, the glue that holds Baylock together is the closeness between the four members. The band is made up of much more than band mates, it is made up of brothers, friends and drinking buddies. The bond that the four members have can be heard clearly through their music and scene at every show in their stage performance. Baylock’s determination defines them, their commitment to the music and the band will carry them to success.