Coming to a baywa show is like coming to a crazy sexy dance party where someone has slipped everyone a drug that makes them all laugh a whole lot. It's 5 people from completely different musical and ethnic backgrounds who have a tight groove and a contagious energy.


baywa have been playing together now for over 3 years, and are definitely a leader in the art of combining good music with good humor and positive energy. A friend of the band who'd just seen them for the first time said that they 'expected it to be like stand-up comedy, which it was, but it was really good music too.'
baywa draws a lot of its influence from groups like Jamiroquai and Los Amigos Invisibles, but there is no kind of music from anywhere in the world that is off-limits. The primary mission of the band is to deliver an excessively entertaining live show of super-tight music that you haven't heard anything like, and can't avoid dancing to.
They've played at the All Asia, the Solstice Cafe, the Asgard Pub, Tommy Doyle's, basement parties, the Middle East upstairs, Middle East downstairs, Paradise Rock Club, Paradise Lounge, Felt, Fat Baby, 200 Orchard, Galapagos Art Space, Trash Bar, Nectar's, The Red Fox Inn, the_Underscore, The Alphabet Lounge and Kenny's Castaways.


The band has recorded about 12 songs, 9 of which are on the recent disc, "Keepin' It Clean & Over 18". Featured on a Boston local radio station were the two latin-influenced tracks "Las Nenas Llegan Con El Clima" & "El Dilema Del Astronauta".

Set List

It usually ranges from funk to cartoon music to latin songs, and there's always some reggae. You can expect between 0 and 2 covers at any given show.
Playing time can extend anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours.
The occasional cover makes it into a set, but is usually something obscure or humor-driven.