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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Folk Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Wave Length"

The highly anticipated debut EP “Seasons” released July 12,2011 from California’s Baywood features 5 tracks full of simple brilliance. Baywood consists of Joe Ginsberg (ex-bassist of Single File) and Jarrad Kritzstein. Together thet have created a unique blend of indie-folk that is catchy and meaningful.

“Seasons” flows perfectly from song to song, almost catching you off guard. Through it’s entirety you’ll find yourself humming and tapping your foot along to each song, as they pull you deeper into the lyrics. The opening track I Can Breathe Again is undoubtedly the star of the EP. It’s soulful and upbeat, never letting go of your attention through its three and half minute length.

Baywood capitalizes on a sound that hasn’t been heard in awhile, and they do it magnificently. If you’re looking for the the next Mumford and Sons with an indie twang this EP is for you. - Michael Harris

"Kick Kick Snare"

Summed up, Baywood is two dudes sharing a #bromance and making folk music. They have one of the best bios I’ve read to date which I will not pull from, instead I’ll just copy and paste it below in all it’s glory. It’s a great read and an exciting time for a new musical adventure. Here to back up the excitement is the duo’s lovely video for their song I Can Breathe Again. Ok Go-worthy video production, a smiling beat and a cast of characters clearly there to bask in the sunshine beaming from these talented two lads. Ok enough of me, here’s the bio and video: - Kick Kick Snare


Seasons EP
Released July 2011



In late 2010, fate came a-knocking for Joe Ginsberg and Jarrad Kritzstein – two young Eastside gentlemen filled to the brim with creativity, talent, and facial hair. The pair were instant friends and considered the possibility of a “separated at birth” hospital error as all took note that they could be in the same police line-up with their dark Jewish locks, black rimmed glasses, and extensive wardrobe of flannel shirts. Perhaps their connection was brought on by a shared ability to pluck away at virtually any instrument under the sun. Maybe it was their shared love of Australian accents. Regardless of the cause, both fellows felt gratitude in finding a brand new partner in crime.

Some people say when you meet your true doppleganger, the universe explodes. Luckily, this didn’t happen. Instead Jarrad and Joe began a darling bromance and bonded over music, whiskey, girls, and heartbreak. While playing in Audra Mae’s band, The Almighty Sound, and becoming a big, happy Silverlake family, Jarrad and Joe quickly ascended to a new level of communication thanks to some kind of shared-brain connection. It was a coded language consisting primarily of abbreviations, catchphrases, and hashtags. Verbal chatter led to music chatter so under Audra’s encouragement, Joe shared some old garage band recordings with Jarrad that he had left unattended over the last year. After a quick listen in a room conveniently filled with acoustic instruments, they finished their first song “I Can Breathe Again” in just a few hours.

With inspiration so thick from wounded hearts and the buzz of meeting their creative matches, the two proceeded to write and record 5 songs in 5 hangs. They passed their music to friends and family only to receive rave reviews and inquiries as to what the band was called and when they’d be sharing their creations with the public. After some brief telepathic Jarrad-to-Joe communication they agreed it was time to become a band. As they stood on Jarrad’s front stoop contemplating what to call themselves, they reflected on all the great times they’d had on Baywood street, home of Jarrad’s studio and all their recording sessions. The name Baywood… yeahBAYWOOD… stuck for all the positivity and creative energy it brought the pair, and a brand new earthy, acoustic, folk pop band was born.