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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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Bazerk — I Heard Y'all Like Violence: The Rage Album

Zoo likens himself a rock-star and one would be hard pressed to disagree. As you’d expect it’s hip-hop but would you have thought that instead of bling-bling he’s slinging a full piece rock outfit? With more than just a casual look in the direction of Rage Against the Machine and Living Colour (as well as Mos Def’s Jack Johnson outfit), Bazerk writes straight-up rock songs that just happen to have rap vocals. Bazerk has a high-pitched voice that you’ll either love or hate. I think it’s pretty damn good and would be Chuck D. approved.

- J-Sin

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Bazerk, I Heard Y'all Like Violence 'The Rage Album' (© 2004 Sds Records)
Bazerk are four guys from LA, and their music is not for the faint of heart. Though just guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, they manage to pump out quite a bit of sound. Similar in some respects to Living Color or Rage Against the Machine, Bazerk hammers out tunes with all the subtlety of a daisy cutter. Drums thrash, bass notes throb, guitar notes shred, and Zoo's vocals, sung or rapped, snap from the speakers with a vibrant urgency. While not all the songs pummel the listener, most do, and so it's refreshing to hear a bit of restraint here and there. On "Don't Be Long," for example, after the initial guitar riff intro to the song, followed by some pounding chords, the lads pull back into mellow land, where the guitar is more restrained, though the drums and bass express a good deal of urgency. Bazerk also manage to inject a funkiness into their music, with "Out of Control" as a good example. Guitar and bass statements are made while the drums deliver a funk beat in the rear, and Zoo (short for Zookeyne) raps his case out front. The only thing lacking here is a bit of screaming lead guitar, but for those about to rock, here you go.





Bazerk- I heard Y’all Like Violence (The Rage Album)
By David Demarest

Bazerk- I Heard Y’all Like Violence (The Rage Album)
Yo Whole Style Is Chump
Peep Da Styles
Have Mercy
So Lost
Don't Be Long
Wait A Minute
Welcome To LA
We Come To Get Down
Out Of Control
No Patience
For The Love
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If you’re going to like Bazerk’s new album, you’ll know it even before you put the CD in for a spin. If the band’s name and their chosen title for the CD sparks an interest, or a glimmer of hope, then the album won’t disappoint. Don’t get me wrong, this album won’t be for everyone, and if you’re looking for a disc to shuffle in with your new Jack Johnson CD, this sho ain’t it, but if you’ve been looking for a new sound to go with a classic Rage Against the Machine album, then this is it. Hell, it’s even called The Rage Album.

Based out of Los Angeles and using a standard rock band line up (guitar, bass, drums, frontman) Bazerk brings a sound to the scene that is anything but standard. Call it a rock album, but the style shows heavy influence of rap, funk, metal, and hip-hop. The resulting sound is a fun rock and groove album, best played loud. Don’t go to a show and expect to stay seated; the music simply won’t allow it- plus, lead singer Zoo (Zookeyne) just might kick your ass.

Not that the album is all hard edge. Most of the songs employ clear and focused melodies lifting the vibe well over a solid foundation of groove rhythm. It is in these moments of “hope against subversion” where Bazerk really shines and creates a mood that is well worth revisiting. Other moments on the album include humorous breaks from the oppression rock, creating satire from today’s pop-culture, like on track 8 “Welcome to L.A.” when Zoo ends with “yo man, I wanna be on the Fear Factor.”

Currently, Bazerk is signed to a 3 record deal with internet based SDS Records, Ltd. If you never hear anything from Bazerk, it will probably have to do with the limited amount of exposure such a small house can generate for them. Without albums in stores or access to mainstream music channels Bazerk will have a much harder time making it big. (Maybe he really will be on the Fear Factor!) Add to Bazerk’s label woe’s the fact that a few small changes in production could have brought a lot of polish to the album without sacrificing any of Bazerk’s raw sound. There are a few instances of tracks simply going on for too long or just not being mixed properly.

Detractions aside, Bazerk’s “I heard Y’all Like Violence (The Rage Album)” delivers everything that a Rage Against the Machine fan has been looking for since the departure of Zach de la Rocha and the end of an era. With tracks like ‘Your whole style is Chump’ and ‘Out of Control’ the difference is that Bazerk replaces political satire with an indictment instead of popular culture and a greater sense of playfulness. Bring it.



bazerk has performed all over los angeles and toured through the pacific northwest.. opening for such acts as fishbone, bad brains and de la sol and befriending george clinton after a battle of the bands" competition which was won by bazerk and judge by mr.funkadelic him self.eventually doing some recording together and playing a pepsi show.. in a career highlight, bazerk opened the birthday bash for prince in los angeles where the purple one him self came back stage to congratulate the band and offer much encoragement..compared to rage anganist the machine says street maz...hard hiiting in your face rock


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