Bazooka Falcon

Bazooka Falcon


bazooka falcon is a noisy rock 'n roll band giving nods to punk, indie rock, and garage rock.


Bazooka Falcon is a rock 'n roll group from New York City. The music is loud and loose. Heavily influenced by Barry Manilow as well as other types of music; indie rock (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, etc. ), punk & post punk (the Damned, Wire, Minutemen, etc. ) metal (Motorhead, Pentagram, early Maiden, etc. ), garage & psych rock (Seeds, Them, 60's Stones, Syd's Floyd, etc. ), and pretty much anything else that's good (Prince, Cohen, Lucia Pamela, the Fiasco, etc. ). All feedback is greatly appreciated.


a self titled lp with eight tracks available for purchase at itunes, cdbaby, & snowcap

Set List

a typical set list consists of many tunes as we can cram into our allotted set time, typically 9 or 10 songs played in a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.