Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA

Bazz is a young man, beautiful hair, his music is like a cure, it will simply make you feel better. Imagine the sounds of Dr. Dre, Daft Punk, and Van Halen exploding into awesomeness. This is Music to dance to, music to rock to, music to chill to. this is Bazz.


Yo! I'm bazz. im usually a pretty happy dude. xD

We're in the new age. So why try to describe with words what I can show you in video and sound. 1 of my latest videos will play immediately for you:

I love lifting people's spirits. There's nothing like doing that at a show, where everyone can be 1



Written By: Bazz

I see the lightning in your eyes
and it's oh so beautiful

I try to look at you inside
to see if your heart beats with mine

yeah, your heart beats with mine

it's so sad cause she
really wants to be
with you, she can't with all that you put her through,
I can understand but not this time
I can't.
I'll tell you what's true,
my life's too intense for you

Taste my love on your lips,
you give me so much in your kiss

All my life I've searched for this,
but now all I can do is reminisce.
Girl, I miss you.


1. Lost Love
2. Go Hard
3. Alive
4. WhenYourHappy
5. Stellar