BB BlackDog

BB BlackDog

 Derby, England, GBR

3 Men with Belly/Burlesque Dancer's, All Steampunk, trying to do something different, using 2 bass and a drum kit. Professional, experienced, origional, good groove rock, but not afraid to cross genre's whilst keeping our distinctive style.
Wild, exciting and colourful stage show.


“No. One.” by STEAMPUNK Band, BB BlackDog.
The First Official release out September 2011 to rave reviews,

A band hard to put in a box, but have been described by others, as Psychedelic, Funk, Blues, Stoner, Rock with a Steampunk Style.

A 3 piece band, made up of 2 Bassist’s from Derbyshire UK, and a Drummer from Ost-Holstein Germany, they certainly have an original line up, and an original sound to match.

Here are a few facts you may also find useful.

BB BlackDog, one of the biggest Steampunk Band's in Europe, Leading the way in this rapidly growing scene.

Already booked to headline the Friday night, at Europe's biggest Steampunk festival in Wales, Aug 2012 and Saturday at Europe's Oldest, "the Asylum",Britain's National Steampunk Festival, in Sept 2012.

Their second trip to the United States see’s them Headlining Denver's Steampunk Festival "Anomalycon" in March 2012 (March 23-25) and The Nightmare Machine: A Steampunk Paranormal Hybrid Con in Texas. 31st March.

Completed nearly 300 Gigs in 4 years, including Showcases, in Berlin, Hamburg, London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Los Angeles (Saturday Headline at the famous Rainbow bar and grill on Sunset Boulevard), Las Vegas, and San Francisco, BB BlackDog have honed a tight and entertaining live set.

With over 17,500 fans on myspace, over 50,000 views on youtube and already well over 1400 likes plus 60,000 page and post views a month on their new facebook, which is rising at an incredible rate.
BB BlackDog are definitely a band to watch, they own their own Steampunk record Label and online shop, fiercely independent with a strong DIY ethic they are starting to make big waves across the music scene.

Over 2 years at number one in the German Myspace Rock charts; currently in the top 10 of the UK Reverbnation Rock charts.

By March 2012 they will be releasing another Album, (already recorded) this time in conjunction with a steampunk Graphic Novel/Comic, featuring the band BB BlackDog, written by Emmy winner Sean Varney with the band, and Illustrated by UK comic legend, Russ Leach.

More information about the band can be found at our many web sites or by searching for "BB BlackDog"


13 Track first Album "No One"currently for sale, on Itunes Amazon, spotify and 30 more online stores.
Featured on "Stay in the Box 3" Compilation from Matchbox Recordings.
Many Plays on local radio in Germany and the UK, regulars on rock247online, and Total Rock, as well as many other online Radio and podcasts as well as interviews, including a full 2 hour in Studio session with Burbank 92.5

Full feature film DVD with 2 live bonus concerts also released September 2011, Music videos shown on numerous web TV's and digital channels.

8 live streamed full concerts Live to the web, using 9 professional camera's, including the First full Broadcast quality live stream of a full concert in Europe, via mixmax TV.

Second Album already recorded set for a March 2012 release.

Set List

We Have Over 3 hrs of origional material and a lively stage show with dancers to match.
We are a Steampunk Rock Band.
We tailor our shows to the audience and venue, already playing to Rock, Goth, Indie, Punk, Metal and blues Audiences, rocking the house each time.