ChristOut & OneWay (B.B.E Clique)

ChristOut & OneWay (B.B.E Clique)

BandHip Hop

Have you been bored at Hip Hop events? We are here to give the people what they want and need. Imagine the positive club scene at your fingertips...


This is where the Gospel industry meets the hood, then the hood meets the future... which is the young people....


Release 2006 Gateway To The Royal South Mixtape
Release 2006 Purple Reign Album

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Set List

Depends on the setting, we prefer a pre-layout of the event and where we come in so, we could decide what type of feel we could give the crowd. Because we are Super Kool and Super Krunk, there is a difference. (never know, we might need to sing opera or something :) lol)