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A new age hip hop flavor that likes to borrow from other genres such as house/rock/electro whilst keeping original roots and bringing in a completely original sound.


BB & G-Wize is a genre-crossing hip hop duo whose innovative sound turns the head of any listener. They formed when a quick-tongued rapper/composer Boriz Safi (BB) and hard freestyler Gamada Derese (G-Wize) got together at 16 and started making musical magic. Boriz, being influenced by a universal list of artists in the likes of Eminem, Kanye West, Linkin Park, Deadmau5, and Buckethead pushed their production outside the box and brought the group a unique sound whilst Gamada, who grew up on rappers like Tupac Shakur, brought a traditional rap style to the lyrical side of the music. Their vocal chemistry is unlike any other which, when mixed with their unique instrumentals, sounds like nothing short of fantastic. BB & G-Wize are currently creating a local buzz, and are looking to get noticed by a big name in the industry.


Down To Ya Knees

Written By: Boriz Safi & Gamada Derese

**G-Wize Intro**

This' what ya do when you stand in the light...
Move from the left, back to the right...
Feelin tipsy... girl it's all right
Back it up... hear ma brother say...

**BB Verse 1A**

Turn it up, for the rhythm and flow
Have the speakers pump adrenaline and thump up the ground... HOAH
It's gettin' hot in here so ladies take off some of ya clothes
and let it bang until they subwoofer blow...


Man we takin' over tonight...
So the women here better be nocturnal
Spittin' from the stage I'll charm and I'm flirt em
Then Ima burn em... like disco inferno

**G-Wize Verse 1B**

So this' how ma cash flows
I'm on stage, you homeys in the back row
Let me teach ya'll.. how to stack dough
Go one, go one, two, three
Go one, come follow me
Go eight, then go nines and tens
Wait till the timer ends
Do-do.. what Simon says

**BB Verse 1C**

Hit the party man, turn up the volume man
Producer... Writer... like Kanye Man...
(now)How ya like what I'm doin to the Audio Man
HA.. the DJ got ma record spinnin' homey... it's ONNN....
I'm seein' you standin'; grab yourself a pretty lady from the front
Now everybody COME ON!!
In the heat of they dancin'... feel the women bring ya 'friend' to life..
Let's go


Double B, Wize, fittin to kill the vibe
Let the poppers get it poppin while they pumpin they fists and
Hit it witcha lady grindin now ya feelin it guy,
Ladies keep in mind that while you gettin lost in the crowd;

Get down to ya knees
Don't be gettin it twisted... baby end the resistin', let it go and
Get down to ya knees
People feelin' tipsy lemme hear you screamin like ain't nobody listenin...

Get down to ya knees, let the fellas see ya take it to the limit
til ya burnin the static...
Every shawty wantin to dance should never be shy...
So all ma ladies keep in mind that while you're lost in the crowd;

Get down to ya knees
We be makin the lists and while we breathin we be bringin the hits so...
Get down to ya knees
People feelin tipsy lemme hear you screamin like aint nobody listenin...

**Wize verse 2A**

Stay fly like the eagles and I,
Got cheese like Doritos so guys,
Leech like, mosquitos but peoples
Is all the same it's in they brain
they know G-wize is the thang,
One he mic my rhyme is tight..
It will blow like dynamite
So just hold and gimme the light

**BB Verse 2B**

Can't shake the buzz...
But that ain't only how they hear it played at tha clubs, I'm connectin' the genres;
Syncin' tech wit the hop and mixin' hip wit the rock yet
Only I can make it hott cuz I'm da missin' link...
Skin... soakin'... now ya gotta ventilate
Breathe... toke and down em energy drinks
Crunk... smoked and wild... like they sippin the shots
Everybody acting crazy now ma brother say

**Wize Verse 2C**

No lyin, I know they like it
No need to even be psychic
I'm busy but.. girls try it
So I need to check my palm pilot
The Groupies think I'm cheap
Only if you ain't a freak
Here's your chance girl n'
Leave one after the beep before I creep

***Chorus X1***

**BREAK Verse 3A**

Just get-get down, if you don't you gon' get outtt
Just get-g-get down, don't act like you don't know how... now
Jus get-get- down n' listen to what I say,
If you get down-down, then maybe we'll let you stay.. then maybe we'll let you stay

**BB Verse 3B**

Hit it now... cuz it ain't everlasting
When ya find the DJ runnin' records, 'member to ask him to rethrow the track...
Buy yourself time homey... let us spend it
findin' pretty girls to hit up and mack on em all over the house...

Now all our fans in the crowd...
Party time be runnin' out so when we spittin'..
Get down to ya knees...
Perple feelin tipsy lemme hear you screamin' like ain't nobody listenin'...

**Chorus 2nd Half X1**

Rush Remix

Written By: Boriz Safi & Gamada Derese

***Intro Verse***

Let ma love be tha cause for tha bump and grind...
In da clubs and em bars where they crunk and high...
Now it's time ta set it off wit a bit of romance in the house
of dance, cuz you a drug and I've... (Over dosed)

***Verse 1*** (Gwize)

She do what she does,
love the way that she move in the club
aint no lie, girl youse a dime,
gohead, throw that, in rewind
ain no steppin to beef,
Walk out, Go step in the street
this a party mayn, u kno what i mean
we for shorties, u know i'm a feen
when i see them girls, in those jeans
so beef better break it up
if you hott shorty, then take it off
like block parties, we got it locked
when I see this girl, i had to stop
Got faded, shit nigga, N i aint even blaze it
told ma boy he like, go take it
no time wasted
adrenaline heart beat racein
got got me achin

**** HOOK ****

Wanna Rush you Ma...
Make you smile and to touch ya ma...
While I compliment and Blush you Ma...

and I lust you ma
I ain't holdin back
and I'm crazy young, crazy in love...
(Ma you Plush...)

Wanna Rush you Ma...
Make you smile and to touch ya ma...
While I compliment and Blush you Ma...

(Shawwtayy COME ON)
I ain't holdin back with ya track
While ya clap to that
Ma you Plush... (Ma you plush)

***Verse 2***

Listen, I couldn't flow dat til the day you hit me...
Blissin, I was fantasizin you out ma
I pictured at my side, you wit me
Wit them looks even Aphrodite could envy...
Wrote a sixteen... took da time to add
Passion at every line dat my wrist feeds...
Let it clash wit the rhymes that my list reads...
Then I brought it to tha speakers that'll make ya get buck,
Screamin til there's fire in ya lungs,
Cruisin loudly, let us grind till it hurts...
and ya thighs start to burn... now
Wit ya waist in my arms
Ima hold it tight and never let it go until
the song is complete... You make it harder to breathe
When I see ya hit and pop it Ima stop and I'll freeze
and have you put me on fire... attractin all the fellas
while I figure how to make this goddess my queen

**** HOOK ****

***Verse 3***

Bay Woah, Ma i cant let go
This Girl got me outa control
Man she outta this world
n what hurts is
She dont even kno
how i feel
so i gotta let her kno whats the deal
she unforgettable,
i gotta get it all
Rite before she leaves
Heres ma chance, so i gotta breathe
(ye I gotta breath)

***Verse 4***

As da track be played, listen on ma...
Like ma man Cass claimed: "this ya song ma...
this ya song ma", this ya track here...
You are proof girl that angels is out there...
Now Shawty listen to me, it's a bit of L-o-V-E
wit tha rhythm and beat...
So put ya hand to ya chest... move to da left
Feel tha chills in ya skin through ma musical kiss...

**** HOOK ****

One That Got Away

Written By: Boriz Safi & Gamada Derese


See it before in the past
Almost had a grasp and I laugh at the fact that you passed
Now I see you when I'm twised.. Missed it
So I try to buy you a glass
So I move smooth just to prove that I like ya
Every thing cool.. Tryna do what I can
Sat on my lap; now I am back on the map
I guess you just loose with the juice in the hand
But girl had a plan; rose up in the stands
Move straight off.. right to my man
Just right at the end
Guess you remember the nights that we had
Back when I never called back into all those night in the bed
Not too bright in the head.. or I woulda did what I never did
So I stepped and said... baby come.. you the one that I wanna get..


Cloaking broke emotions
I'm scopin' the floor; She Smokin' Fine
A centerfold that I can't help with..
She's got me tokin' it's so...

Over precocious...
Can't focus, she doped ma sober mind...
& at the time I'm just like 'hell yeah'...
Feel like she holdin' my throat

(Lead Guitar)


I'm in need of that lady... from
Forgotten bit of ma past in the forbidden lust..
Spot her heatin' the dance floor.. where we living crunk...
It starts all over..
I'm hardened but I gotta look the other WAYY
Club broads lookin' fabulous (whoah)
Trying to avoid her but I cant resist (NO)
Caught me left right and I
Cannot try to hide.. From her vibe...
Cuz now she wreckin' ma thermometer..
We went over limit of our friendship; kissin', touchin', movin' closer in
but I never hollered her...
Homeys told me "fella get that shawty" they was
thinkin' it was ominous; gettin' involved wit her
It's hotta lookin at her bust some lovin' when her booty get low
Now ma memory corroded up... fillin' with the image
of the one that got away taking ma heart wit her... and I...

***Pre-Chorus*** X 1

***Chorus*** X1

***Break*** (BB & G-Wize back to back)

Baby lately, you made me crazy
You had me at hello
N if you hadn't, I would've managed
To handle, all my dough
Yeah I said it's hard; my credit cards
is waitin at the door
Since we've been apart, in my heart
It's feelin really cold
Shawty Knows, it Ye Ye,
She knows she really fly
She got away cause i don't play it like 'em silly guys,
If she pass ma way, what can I say, I guess I'm fin ta try
But when I did it, couldn't get it,
This girl is Bonafide

***Chorus*** X1

Make Me Stop

Written By: Boriz Safi & Gamada Derese

Yeah Ima do it now, I know you hear the sound;
Gone too far, look at how I move the crowd
Don't act foolish now, even though you can't help it
Got the crown strapped to ma head, like a helmet
Got black, brown girls I'm so selfish
& I see more white girls than Elvis
They want the paper mayn, so I gotta watch what I spend
Can you break it down, baby move that ass again
& If you dumb-dumb, baby take it back to ma friend
G-Wize, BB, you know what the roster is
This close, burnt toast, Apocalypse
Ya burnt up, I be stunnin ya'll like foster kids
They wanna ask if I can drop this or pause it, NO
In they conscious, they nauseous; they love ma Flow
& I'm honest, I ain't gonna stop this, No
Cause I was made for the way I was supposed to GO


So baby make me stop...Im tryna make this drop
Started from the bottom but I made it to the top
Through the struggle man... you only got a chance
So I be runnin through traffic just like da ambulance


All of da killerz ain't nothin but talkers...
What's the matter you don't bark cuz...
You soft as a taco without a crew followed...
Better watch who you gettin involved with... man
Keepin outta conflict then ya problems end
Man when it come to one on one you cowards all the same...
While they beefin the parties at night, we slick like solid snake...
Never they notice they be trippin while we sippin all the gin
Comin on, we never forgetin to be acknowledgin
(the)Crumpin and they buzz when we hit up the clubs now...
Kind of ironic... that all the artists that fakest are drownin in dollars..
Like winnin the lottos...
But higher they climb then the harder they fall is...
and without the knowledge of losses these artists ain't the smartest...
Wit a change of topic, only modest ladies get me hottest...
and they really wanna do it like dat and I...
let em take it while they move it like I fantasize...
Addin up my pages that speakin;
"another day in tha life of... the Double B Rise"
Meanwhile I'll keep composin instrumentals and spittin until ma time's up...



I'll win any way you wanna battle dawg
Hands tied, blindfolded with a towel on
& I love beef, eat it till the cattle gone
I call it mad cow.. I know you made NOW
Made it to the top, now they standin with they hand out
(BB=So whatchu tell em Wize) Nigga put ya hand down
I see ya girl stand out, I be acting shocked
She got an applebottom bigger than.. Macintosh
In the back of the 'Lac, yeah I act a boss
I got big standards.. I got big hammers
This'll last forever, I don't need cameras
Ten years, still here; ya you know whassup
Ching Ching, baby girl, that's the sound of love
Like the mountain up, mayn I'm so flyyyaaa
Mama though I was high, cuz my eyes like fiyyaa
Told her "Nah, they just the Eyes of the Tiger"



(Baby we) fly like we'll never land...
I'm turnin heads left right, right left...
We storm frontin COME ON!
If you ain't it one twenty percent you ain't in it at all...
Until ma throat burns Ima yell em HAAYYOOOOOO!!!
Composin --
When I spit it to ma notes I let it...... I let it... BANGGG..
Till I'm the top in the globe...
I can't stop homey... ya can't stop me now GO...



Will You Cry With Me

Written By: Boriz Safi & Gamada Derese

So numb...
I can't feel my legs, can't feel my arms...
Can't feel the pain, & I can't feel the harm...

Yet I weep my eyes...
I'm bleeding inside... with no reason to cry...

When I'm sleepin, I dream that I'm screaming
Being eaten by fears I believe in...
Outside of me there's no feelings...
and now I ask you this...

Will you cry with me X 4

I've lost myself; The right is left... my sight is deaf
I'm blind, outta breath and left with a chance to reflect
On all the things that made me less
of what I wish I could be...
Now I bleed... all the blood that I let it go...
I never run when I know I've had it,
Though I'm one to avoid the panic
When the cries come
I'm paranoid like and schizophrenic
But I'll NOT complain...
Please (I've been granted) grant me the strength
to accept all the things only GOD can change...
If my hearts betrayed, I'll go beyond the grave
& I'll share you the things that have brought me pain...
I been drained... of all my faith;
all I've got is my rhymes as I write em out
Lifes the stage, and I'm livin it in front of the crowd
Let the lights go out
Cuz I'm only alive when the mic is out...


Lemme try to keep this cool n calm
I know I messed up and did sometin wrong
Theres a hole i digged that ima fall through
But where was you.. when i tried, when i called you
when all i wanted was a palm or an arm to
Lift me out when the skies was gray,
I got problems lemme hear what the doctor say
Now shawty cant look at me in a proper way
When im on the stage mayn the pain just goes
when i feel it rain, ma brain may explode
But ma fate i know, n baby i will reach u
So the case is closed n' I don't really need u
Cause in the end i see, what it tends to be
Forget cryin, would u remember me,
Fadin in ma past, todays ma last chance
So girl go head, n save the last dance

Still shed tears over memories in the past
Back... when we was free to relax and laughed..
Till the things that we took for granted... shattered...
After that only 3 things mattered...
Number 2 was my girl, I left my boys third...
Number one was desire to get my voice heard
Wrote rhymes, made beats & accomplished that..
cuz as I put them on the paper with a pen... I went and...
I brought out... the hate that ate my heart out...
though I made ma mistakes... at least it's all out...
I'm ashamed I was capable... of the hatin..
I was afraid to show... I was fadin...
So don't be forgetin this...
Never understimate love...
Tis a force to be reckoned with....
It's what I use to record all my records with...
Me and Lou gonna force through to eminence...

So numb...
I can't feel my legs, can't feel my arms...
Can't feel the pain, & I can't feel the harm...

Yet I weep my eyes...
I'm bleeding inside... with no reason to cry...

When I'm sleepin, I dream that I'm screaming
Being eaten by fears I believe in...
Outside of me there's no feelings...
and now I ask again...



Ticket To Freedom: 11 track demo/lp soon to be released.

Down To Ya Knees
One That Got Away
Rush Remix
Make Me Stop
Will You Cry With Me

Set List

We can do sets anywhere from 5 mins to however-long you need, split into how ever many segments you need. We have 11 recorded tracks we can use and/or tons more that weren't recorded in the studio. This is also not counting remixes and mixtapes.