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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015

New York City, NY
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Pop Hip Hop




"B-Bless knows that success lies outside the box"

Skilly: How were you able to start your journey in the entertainment business? Where did this all start?
B-Bless: I always loved music! I used to rap on karaoke machines with my friends on other rapper’s instrumentals. I originally planned to just open my own record label, but my cousin K.Blake and I ended up joining up and created a group called Paperchase Clique before I went solo.

What are some of the creative ways you use to promote your music?
For the most part I use record pools and I have a few radio stations that love playing my material, which I’m lucky to have! The college radio market is one of the routes I take for newer material.

What is the greatest challenge you face in today’s entertainment business? How do you overcome them?
It’s garnering people’s attention as a rapper. I try my best to take the ordinary and make it my own. I’m also not afraid to try different styles of music to rap with. I’ve done everything from contemporary to EDM to trap to the traditional boom bap rap songs.

How is the music scene like in your hometown? What do you like about it and what don’t you like?
It’s New York! There’s always something going on. Plenty of open mic’s and showcases. The market is a bit over saturated so it’s difficult at times, but once you make it you’ve made it!

Where do you think the future of music is going to be? How do you feel artists can be more a part of it?
I think there will be more licensing or music co-ops like a Tidal. Streaming is the future but the royalty pay outs need to be much higher. Artists getting more endorsements will also be the future.

What advice can you give to other upcoming artists and musicians trying to achieve success?
Know your worth, know your craft, know yourself! Always follow your intuition! If something doesn’t feel or smell right, don’t do it!

What inspires you to write your next song?
Anything and everything. The true gift is taking life experiences and translating them into a song.

What are the steps you take to make a song?
Finding a beat and writing to that specific beat. When you write to a specific song you can hear the nuances and particulars that make it great or fit for your style. I like to normally rap to underlying instruments as well as the main components and switch back and forth between the two.

What do you think makes a great song?
Capturing moments and feelings of that moment and allow others to take a peek at that moment by creating a song. A great song is memorable and can make you feel an emotion you’ve felt or help you to recall a moment. Everyone’s life is a movie and a great song could be a part of your life’s soundtrack.

Where can we connect with you? Can you give us your social media links and where we can contact you?
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bblessmusic
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bblessmusic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/bblessmusic


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"INTERVIEW: B-Bless - Vents Magazine"

Hi B, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

-I have been great! Thanks for asking!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Why”?

-“Why” is a perfect combination of rap lyrics with a dance/EDM beat! It came out natural and effortlessly. Nothing forced at all.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

-A few events, my boy Darryl who I grew up with, was mentioning all the cool people he met at EDC in Vegas and he was getting on my case, saying it’s something I should look into as far as the EDM sound to broaden my audience. But I’ve really got into it when I went to London and Amsterdam especially and partied! I’ve been coming across a lot of producers online from the UK who embody that sound and are traditional hip hop producers, and that’s how I found the beat. It was produced by Wizard (he does beats for a battle rap league called, “Don’t Flop” which I follow). I was skimming through his catalog, came across the track and it just clicked! It’s an ode to all the memorable and awesome parties I went to.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

-I hope to film it and premier it this summer! I really wanted to do it at EDC in Vegas or at a festival to capture the full vibe of the song.

The single comes off your new album The Lost Prince – what’s the story behind the title?

-I am a prince in the literal sense! My father is a King in Ghana, West Africa, (he met my mom in Queens, NYC, where I was born and raised; Countless “Coming to America” Jokes growing up). I named the album “The Lost Prince” because I feel like I’m in a process of finding myself and my own path as a man in the midst of bearing the responsibility of my father’s name so to speak. At the same time I’m establishing my own identity in the midst of it all. My mom always treated and reminded me I was a Prince, but it still took the process of recognizing my own self- worth to feel like one. I also have an EP out called “The Found King”. It’s like a sonic movie so to speak. The Lost Prince becomes The Found King is what I always say. So I made both projects a theme to a story being told.

How was the recording and writing process?

-The recording and writing process was rather straight forward. As far as recording it was mostly just me and one engineer knocking out songs back to back, In the middle of Manhattan! I would wake up at 8am, get to the studio by 9am, record until 4pm, go to work right after; be there until 1am, and start all over the next day! As far as writing, it was about finding the right combination of words for each song. It was all about writing about my experiences but also establishing my skills as a rapper by using witty wordplay.

Does NYC play a role in your music?

-New York is my music! I wrote my whole album on the E, F, R and 7 trains! I grew up in NYC, emotionally and physically! Even went to College in NYC. So much life and vibrancy in the city that inspires me, as well as the unmitigated harshness of the constant city grind. It’s a beautiful struggle that writes the script of the “Nothing to something” story. And that’s what my album and my life is about. It’s that “making it” but I still got to work as hard or even harder to maintain it because there is always work to do!

What aspects of doubt get to inspire the lyrics on this record?

-Self -doubt is widely expressed in ‘The Lost Prince’ intro… I said “ I got the keys to life, but it’s access denied, it was pride, that stopped me from asking from getting help, I wanted the world to know me when I didn’t know myself, accommodating some wealth was all a part of the plan, I was bless as a child, full of sin as a man”. A lack of success triggered those feelings, especially living in NYC where the guy who works for Wall Street is on the train with the homeless man begging for change; there are constant reminders of someone appearing to do better than you financially in New York. But the positive aspect of that is you can remain humble after you pull yourself through because your conscious is always making you better yourself because you double check everything you do, because that self- doubt and that feeling of knowing that there is someone out there who has more than you and is working just as hard as you.

Any plans to hit the road?

-I’m not going to hit the road officially, but I am making myself available for performances country wide. I am trying to build my buzz more. If the people call for a tour, then I will oblige. But I’m trying to gain more fans for now.

What else is happening next in B-Bless’ world?

-I have a crap ton of songs I need to release! I got a few mixtapes lined up! My next album is for sure all trap/EDM songs. I’m leaning towards calling it “Traptronic”. For now though, the world needs to go “The Lost Prince” album, and “The Found King” EP on apple music, iTunes, amazon, google play; pretty much everywhere online!

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-lost-prince/id1083119904 - Vents Magazine

"Brand New Track By B-Bless"


Brand New Track By B-Bless

wewantedm 27 July 2016

We love huge records, just like you! So please welcome B-Bless and listen to this awesome brand new tune by him! His latest single called “Bless” is out now and available via I-Tunes as part of his new album “The Lost Prince”.

More information and all social media channels:





What was your first EDM track you have heard which made you fall in love with this genre?

that’s a tough one, all the commercial hits of course. but there’s songs dating back that had electronic feels to them, and songs that are considered house and techno that blurs the lines, so that’s a loaded question. my all time present day favorite is Jack U and Aluna George, back to U. something about her high, and light voice blended with her English accent is appealing. It’s an innocence to her voice that resonates with me.

When did you first started making music?

professionally, since 2003, but I come from a family of musicians and DJ’s. So I was around it all my life.

How did you came up with your name?

Originally it was Buddha Bless, but I changed it to B-Bless to sound cooler (and legal issues) It was a tag name in my neighborhood given to me because I was a chubby baby, the bless part just came with it as a joke. then it evolved into B, Bless the mic, so to speak.

What are your favorite plugins for synths, mastering and effects?

I love reverse delays, and high pass and low pass filter for effects.

If you could do a collaboration with any artist out there, what would be your top 3 (and why)?

Jack u (Diplo, Skrillex), Axwell /\ ingrosso, DeadMau5

What do you usually drink when you are in the studio to get inspiration?

Vodka, no particular brand until I get sponsorship lol. but I don’t over do it. I drink just enough to get a buzz. If you could travel the world as an artist what would be the three items you will always bring with you in your bag? laptop, iphone and headphones

2016 is half way, what can we expect in the upcoming months from you?

My edm single “Why” with Wizard beats is out with my album “The Lost Prince”

Currently working on a few projects, I plan doing an all trap/edm album, called Traptronic and an EP called King on Earth, God’s servant. but for now you can get My album ‘The Lost Prince’ on itunes, google play, spotify, and pretty much everywhere online. - we want edm


Hailing from New York, the rapper B-Bless is ready to make some waves with “Why”, one of his singles that we are happy to share with the world. And that’s because the track is nothing shortly of amazing!

A musical masterpiece, which emerges emotions and feelings, perfect for making any summer night unforgettable. Those verses provided by B-Bless himself are quite impressive, but the track also features amazing feminine vocals, which are well integrated, in order to make the tune even more remarkable. We also have to mention the catchy instrumental part, which consists in uplifting melodies and a sensational drum work. This one right here is a beautiful crafted piece of music! But, we better let the music speak for itself! - EDM Nations

"B-BLESS : The Lost Prince"

SFND MAG: Man we definitely, want to thank you for interviewing with So FN Dope Magazine. We are very glad to have you. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, and how did you get started in music?

B-BLESS: My name is B-Bless, I’m from Queens, NY, born and raised. I got my start in music around the 2008. I always loved Hip hop, I originally wanted to be behind the scenes and start a label, but I was convinced by my boy K.Blake to start rapping myself, and we created the group Paperchase Clique.

SFND MAG: So you rap and you are business savvy as well. That’s how you have to be in today’s industry. So tell us how would you describe your music you create with Paperchase Clique?

B-BLESS: My music is inside and outside the box. I am very moody musically, so I like to challenge myself and do more than just typical rap songs, I feel I can flip out on any beat, whether it be pop, rap, rock.

SFND MAG: That’s what’s up. It must be difficult to think outside the box at times with so many artists biting the styles of other artist and actually making an impact in the industry. What do you feel is the most difficult part about being an independent artist in today’s industry?

B-BLESS: The most difficult part of being an indie artist is getting exposure. Constantly trying to convince someone to give you a chance no matter how proven you feel you are.

SFND MAG: Do you feel that you distinguish yourself from other artist? What makes your style different from other artist out there?

B-BLESS: I actually take time in writing lyrics; I’m very self-conscious on how my creative my lyrics are. I don’t like saying the same things everyone else says the same way.

SFND MAG: Very cool man. Let’s talk a bit about your album. Tell us about your latest project .

B-BLESS: My latest Project is ‘The Lost Prince’ album. I named it that because I am a legit African Prince. My father is a King in Ghana (mom is Black American) so I named it ‘The Lost Prince’ to more so describe me trying to find my own path while balancing the two cultures.

SFND MAG: Now that was definitely something that I was not expecting to hear; which kind of brings me to my next question. What are a few more things that your fans may not know about you?

B-BLESS: The African Prince thing from the previous question asked. I kind of mention it in passing, to try and keep some anonymity in regards to who my father is, but it’s a big part of my story. I’m also a huge trivia and television nerd.

SFND MAG: As far as your album goes, What is your personal favorite song on your album and why?

B-BLESS: There’s so many! But I would say the song ‘Everyday’ it’s one of those songs where I blacked out on it. I was in my bag for sure. I didn’t know how dope it was lyrically until I actually listened to it objectively.

SFND MAG: Who did you have a chance to work with on this album, and who could you see yourself working with in the future?

B-BLESS: I’ve worked with Kojo the Gladiator, Kace the producer, K. Blake from Paperchase Clique. I would love to work with DJ Khaled, he has a true vision of how a song should be and he executes his vision.

SFND MAG: Are there any other artist that you think are “So FN Dope” ? Why?

B-BLESS: I think Big Sean is dope, he’s a low key dope lyricist, and I would say Royce Da 5’9 is one of my favorite rappers. Big Pun, Pac, Nas, Biggie and The Roots of course.

SFND MAG: What advice would you give to other upcoming artist that may be inspired by your artistry?

B-BLESS: My advice is, do your research, have a plan of attack, and be financially smart. You don’t have to be cheap but you don’t have to spend a lot of money either.

SFND MAG: Where can your fans find your music on the internet?

B-BLESS: My music can be found on, ITunes, apple music, Spotify, Tidal. Pretty much everywhere you can stream and download. Just type in B-Bless and my whole catalog will pop up.

SFND MAG: How can your fans reach you on social media

www.bblessmusic.com - Sofndope Magazine

"B-Bless Is The Lost Prince"

Queens born B-Bless is not a newbie in the professional recording and music industry. From the music production and dedication to the work and music, the artist has definitely left a stamp in the music industry and community with cutting edge songs and lyrics. As a music artist as well as an entrepreneur in the music business, do not be surprised to see B-Bless in the biggest publications.

Originally a part of the group Paperchase Clique before going solo, B-Bless has gone onto release a variety of projects that include The Found King EP, The B and G project EP, and his album The Lost Prince that debuted in February. An interesting tidbit that plays into his project titles is that his father is a Ghanian African king, so royalty is in his blood. Hence, king and prince are prominent words in titling.

Along with airplay on major NY radio stations and a number one video on Snoop Dogg’s Underground Heat, B-Bless is soaking in all the recognition. The Lost Prince is available on all digital distribution and streaming outlets. - Rude boy magazine

"B-Bless Why"

B-Bless presents his EDM single ‘Why’ off his album “The Lost Prince”. A perfect fusion of electronic and rap music that doesn’t feel forced. - artist rack


Exposed Vocals: So tell us your story. Where did you grow up? What made you decide to become an artist?

B. Bless: I grew up in Queens, NY, Mainly the southern areas. There’s inspiration everywhere, especially when some of the most legendary rappers and entertainers come from where you come from. Run DMC, 50 cent, LL Cool J. Russell Simmons, Nicki Minaj. We can even claim Bette Midler as being from the same borough as me if you want to get outlandish. I became an artist because I felt there were too many people not doing music justice. I was adamant about bringing quality music since it was lacking. But I truly love music, and I wanted to contribute my point of view.

Exposed Vocals: How did you come up with that name? What was your inspiration behind it?

B. Bless: Originally I was originally “Buddha”. It was a nickname given to me as a youngster. (I was a chubby baby) and that name just stuck! Then later on in the years it was Buddha-bless or people would shout Buddah-bless when they saw me. Later I altered it to B-Bless due to other rappers with the same name of the original. It’s more so a name given to me by my “hood” so to speak. So in a sense I represent where I come from by keeping the name everyone knows me by in some shape or form.

Exposed Vocals: What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?

B. Bless: I accept music sharing what it is. Even as a consumer of music myself, I bought some albums that only had one good song on it and felt cheated. So at times, I get it.

Occasionally, I try to give songs away for free, but it’s difficult to give stuff away for free when you’re in the red. The fact of the matter, is that musicians have to find ways to fill in the gaps on the lost income and be as innovative as possible.

Exposed Vocals: Since everyone was a start-up once, can you give any smaller or local bands or artists looking to get gigs and airplay some tips?

B. Bless: Hone your craft and keep an open mind! There is always room for improvement. Never allow yourself to get stuck. Try to surround yourself around like minded and honest people. Also know your worth. Be professional in all aspects, and prepare for your opportunities while you are looking for them.

Exposed Vocals: Do you ever make mistakes during performances? How do you handle that?

B. Bless: I’m one of those people that rehearse and review lyrics everywhere, I’ve never made a mistake yet luckily. If did make a mistake, just correct yourself afterwards and hopefully no one will notice! Miles Davis said “If you hit a wrong note, it’s the next note that you play that determines if it’s good or bad”. That concept applies to all aspect of life.

Exposed Vocals: Do you tour? Anything interesting happen on tour that you think our readers would enjoy hearing about?

B. Bless: I do not tour. I do occasional performances when I have time. I’m just trying to build my brand and artistry just a bit more before any attempts on a tour.

Exposed Vocals: Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process?

B. Bless: New York City is a story in itself. you can find inspiring and deflating stories everywhere. It’s a whole different kind of beautiful monster. You can ride the E train from the World Train Center to Jamaica Queens and that’s a full album there. My process on song writing is unique at times. My brain just comes up with analogies and punchlines just be seeing things or experiencing things. Sometimes I write them down and save them for later but I might not use them until the perfect time. I don’t write full songs unless I have a beat to write to. I like to write to that specific sound and feel to capture a perfect blend. - Exposed Vocals

"Interview with B-Bless (Hip Hop Artist)"

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview B-Bless. Tell us a bit about yourself, your name, age, where you’re from and an interesting fact if you like...
I am from Queens, NY born and raised. My real name is Asamoah, My father is An African King (via Ghana, West Africa) so you can say I'm an African Prince.

Is there a story behind your name B-Bless?
Originally my name was Buddha Bless, but I dropped to just B-Bless.

How long have you been a hip hop artist?
I've been artist since 13 years old.

What first got you interested in becoming a hip hop artist?
I always had a love for music. since 3 years old, where I heard my first rap song (LL Cool J 'I need love') and I've been in love with hip-hop ever since.

What/who inspires your music?
All the Queens, New York Legends of course (Nas, Kid n Play, Salt N Pepa, 50 Cent) but my all-time favorite was Big Pun.

Do you see being a hip hop artist as a career, or as a hobby?
When you from NY, it's never a hobby, lol, either you in it or you get out the way, way too many rappers trying to make it to waste time as a hobby.

What are you trying to do with your music? Do you want to help your community? Are you trying to get rich? What is your goal for your music?
My goal for my music is get it the attention it deserves. Every artist wants their work to be appreciated and loved. Not trying to get rich, I want to influence the world. I want to continuously put out great music. I want my label to be the source for awesome NY music.

Have you ever performed live? How did it feel?
I performed live lots of times, it feels like I belong on stage.

Do you have any kind of management, publishing or distribution team behind you? If so what are their responsibilities?
Currently being managed by Main Labi Entertainment. I am currently DIY, We handle everything from printing, getting artwork done, getting it out digitally and registering songs for royalties.

What are some accomplishments that you have achieved, and are most proud of?
One of my biggest accomplishments was having the number one video on Snoop Dogg's Underground Heat with the song 'Slow Flow', he tagged me on Facebook and Twitter too.

Have you ever made any contact with major artists or other high positioned people in the music industry and do you keep in contact with them?
Outside of the Snoop shout out, not much. Chuck D and Terminator X follow me on Twitter. Occasionally I reach out to them via Twitter. Being from the big NYC you're always 6 degrees or less separated from other famous people. I even went to the same University as J.Cole and went to the same High School as 50 Cent AND HAD THE SAME professors and teachers.

What one tip would you give to other independent artists?
Always inform yourself and try your best to be innovative.

What do you see is in the future for the music industry? How do you think it will evolve/change?
Honestly it's a tough call. Digital streaming outlets don't pay much. At this point it's all about who is famous enough to tour and have endorsements. I think music artists will be like Nascar drivers where they'll be associated to all these brands.

Do you feel like the internet is helping you as an independent artist?
The Internet is a double edged sword. I always say "The internet makes people who deserve to be famous, famous; but it also makes a whole lot of people who don't deserve to be famous, famous..." it helps a lot in the fact that there's a person in Germany who listens to me on Spotify or Apple Music. But my neighbors don't know I'm a rapper lol.

How do you think social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have affected the music industry?
It gives the freedom for fans and haters alike to have access to whoever they are interested in. At any given moment your favorite artist can respond or like a tweet of yours.

Where can we hear your music online?
You can find me on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and pretty much everywhere online.

Cited from: http://www.crazypellas.net/content.php?r=606-interview-with-b-bless&s=11690bfa41208e9123f6fcfba64017ba#ixzz4eGgR5VA8 - Crazy Pellas

"Queens artist B. Bless is on his grind"

Queens native B. Bless has been in the rap game for years, and has thrived as both a group and solo artist. His EP, The Found King, was uploaded to iTunes in January, and the lead single, "She's Looking Good," is a hit with fans. There is a lot more where that came from, however, and B. Bless is not letting his momentum slow. An exclusive interview with AXS, he discussed his musical style, the indie game, and what's next for him.

AXS: Why did you make the decision to go solo? Has Paperchase Clique disbanded, or will there be future releases as a group?

B. BLESS: I’ve decided to go solo to gain my own identity; Paperchase Clique is still together and always will be. The thought of both of us going solo [has] always been in our goals and so has coming back together. There will be future releases from Paperchase Clique and Paperchase Entertainment. We did The Proposal and The Deal albums. The next one will be The Renegotiation.

How are you able to incorporate different style of music into your projects, but still keep it from becoming too “hip-pop”?

I consciously try to keep a balance. Hip Hop is lyrics driven, so even on my hip pop songs I try to be lyrically dope as I can. I try to avoid redundancy, so I’m very peculiar about doing too many pop-ish songs. On The Found King EP I literally have a song for everyone, whether it be commercial rap, hip hop purists, hip pop lovers, and the in-between. One of the first songs I ever recorded was a Guns N' Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” sample. My producers do a good job of keeping it hip hop even when the foundation of the song isn’t.

How do you feel about indie artist showcases?

I think they’re great! They give indie artist a chance to perform to their future fans. And they are great for networking.

Are there certain expectations that come with being a Queens artist?

The expectation is that you’re representing a borough where hip hop has thrived and you have to keep that legacy going. You have to stay sharp with your creativity because there is so much competition as well as pressure to keep the integrity and quality high in the music. There are so many historic artists that hail from here and I hope to keep that lineage going.

As an African prince, how does your family feel about your entertainment career?

They embrace it actually! If you look closely there isn’t much difference in African culture and hip hop. From drumming to drum machines. Music is a way life, used to tell stories and create a visual in your mind for both cultures.

What inspires you to keep moving forward in your career?

New York City in itself is an inspiration; there is always something going on. There is always an expectancy to be hot or to be the new trend. Life experiences as well, whether it be mine or someone else’s. I truly love music, so inspiration can come from anywhere. Just have to keep your eyes open. And also the wanting to be great drives me.

Some people think that New York hip-hop has fallen off in the past 10 years. What is your opinion?

I think it’s true to some extent, but there is always a crew from NY or an artist from NY that’s maintaining relevancy... there will be and [have] been resurgences. I think New York rap just has to rediscover its sound more than anything. There are plenty of New York rappers maintaining, it’s just that you can’t tell sometimes because there is no more “boom bap” so to speak. But I wholeheartedly believe it will be another crew to show and prove. I’m just hoping its Paperchase! [laughs]

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on "The B and G" project with The Gipht, who I collaborated with on "She’s Looking Good." After that I’ll be executive producing his debut album. I also have an artist by the name of Vash the Knife, whose project I will be working. And of course my follow up to The Found King EP called The Lost Prince. It’s more of a prequel more than anything.


Learn more about B. Bless by visiting bblessmusic.com, and check out The Found King on iTunes and other digital retailers. - www.axs.com

"B-Bless – Why"

B-Bless presents his single Why off his Lost Prince album - Eat Sleep edm

"B-Bless release"

b-bless why - Pause and Play

"B. Bless new solo album ‘The Lost Prince’"

Facebook: Facebook.com/BBlessMusic
Twitter: @BBlessMusic
Website: www.BBlessMusic.com
B. Bless is a rapper out of Queens, NY. He first came on the scene as an original member of his group Paperchase Clique. Now he’s ready to go at it alone, and released his first solo album ‘The Lost Prince’. The album name is appropriate, as his father from Ghana is an African King. “The lost prince becomes the found king”, says Bless on his new album. Bless hasn’t lead a life of royalty though, he’s had struggles down the road, but now is his time to come out victorious.

His music influences come from a wide array of genres, giving him a versatile sound. Each of his songs are unique in their own right. The first single release from his album is ‘Why’, which fuses rap and EDM. The song has been very well received, and it’s no wonder why! His rhymes are flawless, the beat hits hard and the hook is really smooth. Enjoy below! - muzicnotez.com

"B-Bless - Why - its HIP HOP music"

B-bLESS WHY - its hip hop music .com


King of Hearts EP

The Lost Prince Album

The Found King EP

The B and G project

Paperchase Clique: The Proposal

Paperchase Clique : The Deal



2x Emmy award winner B-Bless returns with his release King of Hearts.

Rapper B-Bless was born and raised in Queens,NY and  is a son of an African King.  with a Co-sign by Legendary Rapper Snoop Dogg, B-Bless is not a newbie in the professional recording and music industry. From the music production and dedication to the work and music, the artist has definitely left a stamp in the music industry and community with cutting edge songs and lyrics. 

Band Members