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Reviewer: O. West
Blunt's Album displays musical talent and vocal range that belies a man of his age. The songs are throroughly infused with soulful depth and brimming with poetry. Guaranteed panty stealer!!!

Reviewer: MR. BROADUS!
This CD CHANGE outlines alot of what men go through in life and relationships! I think it is going to be a timeless classic!!!!!1 B.BLUNT IS THA SHIZ NIT!!!!!!!!

This CD will stick with you....
Reviewer: HeartNSoul3
The songs are contagious and will be a number one pick to have in anyones CD player definitely needs to be on the radio the world is missing out on a gem.

Great Songs sung with passion !
Reviewer: Music Lover
I can't remember when I have liked all songs on an album. It's rare but this one certainly falls into that category. I like all the songs. Had to buy a second one so I could keep one in the house and one in the car. Buy it, you'll like/love it !

Reviewer: SM
Definietly a must have. This album is a feel good album.

Refreshing New Sound and Style to the Music World
Reviewer: Music is my Soul
This album offers a little something for everyone. With it's versitile style B. Blunt has mastered his own individuality by being true to the craft of music. When you listen to each song you can hear the passion in his voice. I feel this album is refreshing to the music world because it discusses real issues that people go through everyday. Every song has it's own powerful message. I recommend this album to those of you who can appreciate great music. Not just from a mainstream view. Pick it up today!!!! and Enjoy!

This CD is a must buy for anyone who loves quality music!
Reviewer: JLB
This CD is a must buy for anyone who loves quality music. The title says it all because this is certainly a refreshing CHANGE. WOW, songs that actually tell a story. What a novel idea! Listen up radio - This one is a classic!!

Reviewer: Taunja
I can't remember the last time I bought a cd and liked every song. The songs gave me goose bumps. The second time I listened to the cd I felt like I was listening to a cd of old favorites. Haven't heard a cd that sounds this good in a verryyy long time.

A Soulful Sound!
Reviewer: A. R.
This album is in constant rotation. The lyrics are applicable to sooooo many and they make you really see and hear his story. I've played it in the background at my job and folks were nodding their heads to the beats without ever hearing the music before. A GREAT add to your music library!

Definitely SOUL music
Reviewer: db
Not just music that sounds good, but music you can feel. Very original and creative concepts for the songs, along with great lyrics.

Feel Good Music
Reviewer: Marnell
This cd is definately one for the car, work and home. A lot of emotions that you can really relate to. There's something for everyone on it! I love it!

Find myself listening to it over and over again everyday. Great messages.
Reviewer: Janice
There are some terrific messages in the songs. It's good listening music as well as something to groove to. I've become a fan overnight and sure hope I can start hearing some of these tunes when I turn on the radio. Smile and Things are my favorites but all of the songs touch you. Congratulations to the artist.

This is what soul music is all about.
The album tells a great story about love, losing love, joy & pain. Each song is unique and tells a different aspect of the ups & downs of love. You can put this CD on and let it ride. Classic material.

This Cd is real classy!
Reviewer: Vito
This Cd was well put together, listen to it with your significant other.

WOW! I am thoroughly impressed!
Reviewer: Jessica Sharpton
I love EVERY song on this CD. And that's very rare for me. The lyrics are great! Can't wait to see him live again! - cdbaby.com

"B. Blunt Interview (2003)"

Check out this hot Debut CD entitled "Gemini's Reign" with 13 bangin' tracks (including hot singles like, "Come Thru" and "The District"). The album is dedicated to the artist, he was killed two weeks after completing this hot CD that represents DC to the fullest. It's off the chain with banging collaborations as well as a guest appearance from Los of the Backyard Band. Check out what his main producer Blunt has to say with an interview with Rhythmplaza.com.

Rhythmplaza.com: Where are you originally from?
Blunt: Washington, DC

Rhythmplaza.com: When and why did you start using the name Blunt?
Blunt: Well, Blunt is my last name. When I started playing sports in Junior High School, everyone would call me by my last name… it just kinda stuck with me. Of course some of my “extracurricular activities” contributed to the moniker as well.

Rhythmplaza.com: How long have you seriously been involved in the music industry?
Blunt: About six years

Rhythmplaza.com: When did you first get into the music game and started producing music?
Blunt: I’ve always owned a keyboard since I was in like the fifth grade. But it was very hard to lay down a whole song with the lil cheap keyboards I used to have. But in 1997, I bought my first “professional” keyboard: A Korg Trinity. It was on the Trinity that I mastered my craft. And I began to lay down tracks that had been in my head since the 80’s. No to mention my father was in the music business for quite a while. He was a member of the legendary Drifters, as well as several local groups, so it’s kinda in my blood.

Rhythmplaza.com: Your tracks are hot, where do you get your concepts when creating and producing tracks?
Blunt: To be quite honest I try to do the opposite of everything I hear on the radio. I never do what they do. I think outside of the box. If someone’s already done it, it doesn’t interest me. I just follow my heart, follow my soul, and let God do the rest. I’m just an extension of his creativity.

Rhythmplaza.com: Tell us a little something about your crew at Boog
Blunt: We’re like a close knit family. We all ride for Gemini, together! We ride for each other, and we’re there for each other in times of need. It hasn’t been easy… dealing with such a tragic loss. But we made it out of the storm, and we’re marching forward, together, with absolutely no fear! I ain’t neva scared!

Rhythmplaza.com: We know Gemini (RIP), Boog Entertainments first artist was killed, what was it like working with him before he passed?
Blunt: It was a blessing, we always had a good time, even when we were recording. Like me, he was a very driven, determined and focused man. So it was very easy for us to feed off of each others’ energy and motivate and inspire one another. And when you have that kind of energy in the studio the work becomes play.

Rhythmplaza.com: Tell us about the new album by Gemini you help produce and featured on.
Blunt: Well it’s a 13 track album. An audio autobiography, if you will, of Gemini’s life. He touches on a lot of topics close to the hearts of many young black men. Such as the lost of many of our peers to gunfire, the endless funerals, even the fear of our own deaths. When you hear him speak of the things he’s been through in his life, hear him talk about his own death and think about the fact that he’s dead, you feel the realest sense of sincerity and authenticity in the lyrics he wrote. And the beats is like dat, definitely a new, unique sound. Combined with the distinction of Gemini’s voice and a couple of guest appearances, we have what will be an underground classic.

Rhythmplaza.com: Are you working on any new projects?
Blunt: Always, I live in the studio. We’ve got one group and two new solo artists coming outta the Boog Boot Camp in the near future. Also, I’m always collaborating with any and everybody that’s down to make quality music. I got my homie Yero, out L.A., he’s working with some Blunt Beats on something real spectacular. As well several other “key” platinum selling artists who I can’t name right now, but believe you me, you’ll be hearing about those projects real soon. We gon sell it not tell it. It’s Major!

Rhythmplaza.com: What are your goals in the business as a
rapper/producer/and entertainer?
Blunt: My primary goal is to consistently put out high-quality music for the masses. To entertain and provoke infinitely interesting thoughts.

Rhythmplaza.com: What do you like to do when you are not rapping?
Blunt: I don’t do much. I chill with my cousins, my family. My Boog Entertainment family, we always have a good time. What Devin say? Reefer and Beer? Yeah that pretty much does it for me! Every now and then a young shoobie doobie and a dvd movie is about right.

Rhythmplaza.com: What is the most important aspect of the music industry you have learned?
Blunt: Very few people are willing to take a chance on something new and unheard of. There’s a lot of doubters, a lot of pessimist and a lot of haters. I’ve learned that none of their opinions mean anything. There are a lot of sheep out here, who just go with the flow. If everybody else likes it, they like it. Radio and videos tend to dictate what’s hot and what’s not. Having learned that, I do what I want to do when it comes to making music. I’m out here leading, not following! - Rhythmplaza.com


Current Single: You Shine
CD: Change




In a time when good, quality music seems to be a thing of the past, hot singer B.Blunt is helping to keep soul music alive with his unique sound. The key to B.Blunt's success is his appreciation of the old-school soul sound while still maintaining the hip sound of today's young music.

His sound recalls the old soul giants. If you listen closely, you might hear a little Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder and even Prince in his music. B.Blunt is keeping the soul legacy alive and aims to bring the organic flavor of classic R&B back to the hip-hop age.

Asked to describe his unique sound, the 28-year-old musician says: "I'm just different. I've always been to myself. I've always been that way. I've always just had my own way of doing things and it comes out in my music. I consider myself a musician and a songwriter. "

B. Blunt, an old-school crusader for new soul, has been in love with music since the early days of his childhood. Growing up in a soul and funk filled town like Washington, DC and singing in local youth choirs inspired Blunt to make music his life’s passion. This singer, producer, writer, and musician has focused all of his energies on providing to the world his soul and unique sound.

Making music has always been in his blood as his father was a member of the legendary group, The Drifters. Blunt recorded his first song at the tender age of three and soon began playing the drums and keyboard. As a soloist in his church choir, he had the opportunity to open for several distinguished gospel artists like Vickie Winans and Darryl Coley and perform alongside Richard Smallwood and Yolanda Adams. These performances in front of thousands of people gave Blunt an extreme amount of confidence and conviction that he could follow his dreams.

Blunt studied music briefly at Lincoln University and Bowie State University. In 2002 he became the lead male vocalist for a local band with an affectionate and warm name, Yamama’nym (pronounced Ya-mama-an-nem). Combining sultry soulful sounds with a touch of Jazz, a hint of soul, and a twist of hip-hop, Yamama’nym quickly became one of the hottest live bands in the Washington, DC area, as well as Baltimore, St. Louis and Norfolk, Va. While singing with Yamama’Nym Blunt has performed various local venues such as the African American Heritage Festival in Baltimore and The Annual Black Family Reunion on the National Mall and Juste Lounge. The groups’ debut album entitled “2:00 AM” was released in 2003 and features the crowd favorite, “Soular Tranquility” which was performed, written, produced and arranged by Blunt.

When not performing with or writing for the band, Blunt spends all of his creative energy running his own production company, Boog Entertainment. Boog Entertainment was started to add another aspect to Blunt’s musical repertoire, his love for Hip-Hop music. Boog Entertainment has afforded Blunt the opportunity to produce and write songs for numerous established and up and coming hip-hop and R&B acts in the Washington area. Blunt has recorded with Jive Records recording artist Raheem Devaughn and produced four songs for hip-hop artist 20x20’s commercially released album, “The Vision".

Throughout the years, Blunt has collaborated and performed with some of Washington DC’s most talented musicians and artists including Lil Los, Don Carter, Black Alley, Uncalled 4, E.U., Lissen, Familiar Faces, and the legendary Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown. He’s performed at some of the most popular venues in town including Bar Nun, Home Nightclub, FUR, Iconz, Zanzibar on the Waterfront, Kili's Kafe, Café Asia, Club U, Izora's, Takoma Station, Juste Lounge, Camden Yards, Daedalus, Pearl, Johnny K's, WPGC, Warner Theatre, the Washington Convention Center, and the Kennedy Center. In addition Blunt has been afforded the opportunity to perform alongside national recording artists such as Al Green, Mint Condition, Biz Markie and Lil Scrappy. Blunt has also opened up for Brian McKnight, Floetry, Jadakiss, Jaheim, Anthony Hamilton, and Erykah Badu. He has performed at several major events including the 2005 Essence Music Festival, Baptist World Alliance Annual Convention, Positive Black Men’s Coalition, Annual Congressional Black Caucus Black Tie Dinner, Unifest, XM Radio’s The Flow, and the Kennedy Center Honors Award show. Additionally Blunt has been fortunate enough to travel outside of the DC area to perform in cities like Baltimore, New York, St. Louis, Norfolk, New Orleans and even Hong Kong.

Blunt wants people to groove to his melodic production and to feel the joys and pains of his life when he touches you with his stirring voice. He aims to carry on the traditions of Marvin Gaye, Duke Ellington and other Washington, DC music legends and put his hometown back on the map.