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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
Band Pop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ofra Haza Magazine March 09"

'Bruise Raw' is the debut CD from a group I like to refer to as the 'Dynamic Duo', Bruised but not Broken.

For a self-produced independent first run of a CD, I was amazed how ell this CD was put together. The first song 'Keep on Walkin' immediately caught my attention. The song gives advice on what to do and how to handle lost love. The lyrics, coupled with a great composition made me want to dance around my room and strut whilst wiping the dust clean and 'walkin' with my head held high!

So many times we lose sight that even with a broken heart, life goes on.

This CD is very much in tune with it's title 'Bruise Raw'. It's about love, loss, picking up the pieces, and moving on to find something more.

This CD is not owned by any particular genre. You find Rock, Pop, Alternative, Funk, and much more, all wrapped up in one CD.

Each song is composed of real life situations. You can feel the rawness from 'Keep on Walkin' to 'Prisoner' to 'New Direction'.

If anything, this CD is TOP NOTCH in the writing department. In my opinion, for a CD to be worth a purchase, there must be a minimum of 10 songs (here we have 14 songs) - and at least 5 of the songs must be good - there are more than 5 good tunes here - this CD was definitely a good purchase.

Gabriella's style reminds me of a cross between Berlin and the Motels. I can't wait to hear what they come up with next! 'Bruise Raw' is definitely one for the CD rack and I'm glad for the purchase.

Some of my favorite tracks include 'Keep on Walkin', 'Loser Wins', 'You Think', 'Testify' and 'Anticipation'.

I say, whatever your likes are, play it in your car - and play it loud!

CD Press review by Kaylene G - Editor Ofra Haza Magazine March 2009.

- Kaylene G - Editor

"Ofra Haza Magazine March 09 (2)"

'Bruise Raw' has a lead singer with two distinct voices - a power voice and a softer voice. It's almost as though there are two different women singing.... her softer vocals delivers everything... the only words I can think of to use are "IT SOUNDS HONEST AND I LIKE THAT". I hope she decides to continue to develop this softer vocal style in the bands forthcoming recordings as it is her 'gem'.

From a stylistic standpoint the band does not stand in one place, mixing all kinds of styles. I found this quite appealing to my ears, as too much of the same thing gets boring.

The production quality of the CD is very good. This was not what I was expecting from a band that supports itself using the internet. I was pleasantly surprised.

Overall I think I am going to have to pay attention to this band. With a few minor tweaks, they are going to start putting music on the charts.

Tracks to listen for:

- Nothing lost, Nothing gained
- Just one More my favorite)
- Opposites Attract
- Can't get you off my Mind (a favorite)

Reviewed by Rich - Music Reviews Ofra Haza Magazine, March 2009.

- Rich - Music Reviews


Debut Album 'BRUISE RAW' successfully launched on 5th August 2008. Now available via ITUNES, RHAPSODY, CDBABY, AMAZON and various music outlets worldwide.



BBNB MUSIC AUSTRALIA (Gabriella, Peter & Co) produce music from their studio in Melbourne Australia and have been working together for around four years. Brother and sister form the foundation of the music which is primarily pop/alt/modrock in style.

Myspace audience of over 19,000 loyal fans who participate & actively support BBNB daily. Youtube exposure of videos adding to approx 40,000 views since the loading of BBNB's first video in February of 2008 (to this date Nov 2009)


Gabriella maintains all management and business dealings for BBNB exclusively. Her role in managing the business side of BBNB is a fulltime job and Gabriella excels and delights in making new connections & traveling to the USA as required. Many producers, artists, poets etc often contact Gabriela with regard to possible colab and/or other business ventures.

Gabriella is now also co-hosting a new innovative show titled 'Out 'n about which is spotlighting BBNB music throughout this series of shows. The show will focus on tourism (with a twist) - is entirely unscripted in format and has a fun & unique appeal to a wide rage of audience. Gabriella's co-host is widely respected in his field as a comedic character actor and together, these two charismatic individuals are reminiscent of Sony & Cher with their sharp & witty 'off the cuff' humor. Coupled with interviewing up & coming artists of all fields, this show is set to take off in a big way in 2010.

This year BBNB was interviewed by request for a music magazine coming out of Denver Col to be published in March 2009. This 9-page featured interview includes 2 independent reviews of BBNB's current Album 'Bruise Raw'.

Gabriella's business acumen has successfully and steadily kept BBNB MUSIC moving forward in a positive & powerful way, touching many fans, friends, and fellow artists along the way. Her presence and 'never say die' attitude continues to inspire fans, friends, fellow artists as she takes BBNB to higher levels of success with each new and exciting connection that comes her way. Never to take anything or anyone for granted, Gabriella has made serious connections in the USA, UK and Europe . As of March 2009, Gabriella will be in the USA on a promotional tour, performing and to meet with fellow artists eager to work with BBNB and also to pursue other exciting opportunities which have been recently offered.

Give her vast experience in music, marketing and also metaphysics, Gabriella has been selected as a featured author of the 'THE POWER OF LEADERSHIP' - a highly respected series of books published by Daniel Sweet, Pro Publishing Co. California USA.

Formal classical music background allows for a broad range of styles which makes BBNB comfortable producing rock/funk/softneopunk/softgoth styles - all the way through to power-ballads and further traditionally styled ballads. Influences are as broad as the ocean is wide, so 'anything goes' with these two.

Album of 14 of fans most favored songs - 'BRUISE RAW' - independently produced and successfully released worldwide on August 5th 2008. Available on CDBABY & ITUNES plus several other online and regular retail outlets.

Airplay of songs from this album in USA and Germany in August 2008 with live interview requested on both occasions and overall positive reviews/feedback.

BBNB song 'Keep on Walking' short-listed in the prestigious & highly respected National Australian Songwriters Awards 2008'

Continual airplay on various online stations, in particular 'Women of Substance AAA+ Radio' where the BBNB song 'Keep on Walking' has been selected twice as a feature song (with personal intro) and is continually aired as a favorite on this radio station.

Recent credits include 2 times runner-up award in the International Song of the Year competition with songs, SURPRISE & CAN"T GET YOU OFF MY MIND - the contest featured a very highly respected judging panel (too numerous to mention) including Tom Waits, Norah Jones & Brett Manning of 'Singing Success'.

Currently NUMBER ONE on with the song PRISONER (ROCK/GOTHIC & PRODUCTION/VOCALS) - this has been at number ONE for the past 5 months.. also various other tracks listed in the TOP TEN at BROADJAM, including LOSER WINS, NOTHING LOST, & OPPOSITES ATTRACT. BBNB are also open to selling our songs to other artists (by neg) and/or market their songs themselves as a performing duo & co.

Open to all suggestions/negotiation and eager to market our songs through the right avenues.