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We break from the traditional genres of the Seattle music scene. We blend the best traits from pop, dance, hip hop, hyphy, and punk sounds. Our music is only succeeded by our live show; which is very energetic.


We live in Everett, WA and all met while working for Zumies and became friends and found that we had a common love and that's the music. We have a very unique sound by blending traits from pop, punk, hip hop, dance, and hyphy sounds. We consist of our four band members and our manager Dan Doucette. We're not doing this for the money; we are doing this for the love of the music. We just wanna play and have our chance. Our fan base is growing quickly. The more shows we play the more our fan base grows. We are constantly working on new material, so expect new music often.


Envy US

Written By: BBNR

reign: the avenue is stretched out, cars parked back to back. high top dunks, girls with louie v bags. the show finna be packed- tickets gone, pre-sale. i get my clothes for cheap now, i never pay retail. get out the car and walk up, gonna be a live night, look up BBNR in lights. on stage is where you'll find me in 30 minutes, they write their names on their chests, them some fly digits. you ready for the show? yeah. get closer and go. yeah. my name is reign and if you hatin you can suck my...yeah. either way theres no stopping what we are doing, so you might as well chill, and bop to it. (chorus) you see them cameras flash? but yet they laugh? they will never stop the hatin! kris james: stop the press! cameras, lights, action! ready to go. we make our way backstage to a sold out show. they wanna ask questions, they just want an interview: why this kinda music? why we do the things we do? listen up- see we graduated from the "scene".. What?from poppunk?to hardcore?and now this hiphop thing? Na we just mixed it all up and brought you something different, but ppl fear change, they dont even wanna listen. well mr. rocksteady has just now entered the building, stage left is my side. we on in ten minutes. these girls cant wait so they scream my name. all i see is flashing lights, all i hear is is "kris james" of... (chorus) kasper: i be like a monster just sitting in my cage. twiddling my thumbs cuz i just cant wait to unleash that of which is my so-called "rage" i strut out on stage and spit it in your face with one hand in the air, one hand on my buckle. those flood lights hit ya like a pair of dirty knuckles (kablam!) i know youre seeing stars but its not cuz your dizzy. i know youre seeing stars cuz your staring straight at me. i marked this stage like a dog marks territory, i feel kinda bad for the fools that came before me cuz they were like atoms, floating around before creation. then the big bang came, now its hiphop transformation.


Written By: BBNR

(chorus): hey!hey! i know what you wanna to do me!me! so turn the lights down low so they dont! know! what the hell is going on, show me what youre workin with, show me what youre workin with! kris james: girls- they wanna ride me like a motor bike, but once were done they'll be left behind because i get way too many hugs and i give way to many shrugs to all these girls who show me "love" so, she wanna take it faster, not slow, and just take it even further down low. and yeah, i got it locked and ready for you though. shh! so they dont know what the hell is going on. she wanna show me what shes working with, but better hurry cuz you aint the only one who wants this. so cmon baby rock those hips, and dont boast cuz girl you know you want this! (chorus) kasper: girl i know what you wanna do to me but you dont meet my standards, i'd like to meet your friend though- let me get my planner. oh! she got a boyfriend??? like that even matters! dont she know im kasper duece? even her boyfriend should be flattered. cuz i pick up more chicks than chicken strips at a buffet. i get back up for seconds and i always clear my plate. so tell that girl to lose that fool, tell shes got one chance before i lose my interest soon and leave without a second glance. tell that girl to get up here, tell that girl to shake it. tell that girl to move those hips if she wants to make it. if you got something left to say, say it to my agent and they'll get back to you in a couple weeks. now, thank you for your patience. (chorus) reign: hey baby, yeah i see you from across the room. ya better come and make your move real soon, cuz theres other girls in the building, i got money to the ceiling so they all wanna have my children (ha). what im trying to say is youre not the only one, so you better drop it low if you want some. cuz your boy right here is a king, you can tell by my ring and my watch cuz they BLING. dont turn the lights off, keep the switch up. cuz i wanna see your body when ya do it rough and i know what you wanna do to me, but its my turn to please so get up out of the sheets. girrrl- shh! keep it quiet, you better shut the door. hopefully the next time its backstage at the show so you can feel the rush of the crowd. do you hear that sound? its them getting loud!

Something like a space shuttle

Written By: BBNR

kris james: she wanna bring it back around, then drop it slow and touch the ground girrrl. she wanna get to know me now, show me love and hold me down. but whats the point in having one when all the girls say "wowww"? and whats the point in stopping now when they never turn me down? i wanna hear you clap your hands to this beat and do that dance in the sheets all night long cuz i aint done. so dont hit stop, just repeat and snap your fingers to this beat cuz i shine so bright its hard to see. (chorus) everybody put your hands up to the sky! now point them out your side cuz your so fly! something like a space shuttle! airplane! hang-glider! bird-wing! everybody get gone, and do your thaang! reign: everybody knows im fly from the minute that i step in the building. everybody with their hands to their side better put them to the ceiling. cuz were about to party hard, girl's shirts off, mardi gras. they know that im a star, they play this in their car. whatsup ma? do you like conversating with a pilot? you could be fly like me and learn how to soar in a cockpit. we'll never sleep, live all day and never close our eye-lids. you wanna be with me and take a trip to the virgin islands??? (chorus) kasper: i be so fly! i bet you wish you could fly this high and see the world from where i reside- up there, my castle's in the sky looking down on you fools. you look like ants to me. i can smell your jealousy from in my canopy. i got falcon eyes, i be scanning out chicks, swoop down and snatch them up like rats. if her daddy comes home i bring out my fists. stand back! i got them talons, and theyre razor sharp. yeah baby i got that talent, im a work of art. HA!HA!HA!


We have a Demo CD right now consisting of 6 tracks. You can hear our music steamed on:
Feel Free to download our demo at:

Set List

Hollywood - 2:32 mins
Envy Us - 4:16 mins
Shotshots - 3:20 mins
Somthing like a Space Shuttle - 3:22 mins
Chai Tea - 3:14 mins
Hey Hey - 4:11 mins

our typical set last about 25 - 30 mins