Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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The music Bonds creates is music for all of us. It is feel good music with a dash of electricity that drives audiences and fans alike. But yet delivers a smooth blend for the mellow listeners. If LL Cool J and David Guetta had a baby it would be B.Bonds.


B.Bonds is the quintessential rapper to emerge in this novel decade, and he happens to be in favorable company. Previous years very few rappers have showcased the realities of America at whole; not just urban America. From Tupac Shakur to LL Cool J, Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne, - B.Bonds encompasses the same innate desire and passion of connecting with everyday America and minorities in the same breath. His struggles becomes your struggles, his triumphs, your triumphs. Explore the world of B.Bonds

Born Brandon Bonds in Los Angeles, California, there has always had a love affair with music for Bonds. But his initiation into music did not prelude with early childhood deprivation or an overbearing parent forcing him into music. No, it began as a slick-minded teenager. Bonds musical growth was ignited at Skyline High in Oakland California, a school known for its performing arts excellence and rich history (Tom Hanks, Latoya London, Goapele). As the popular man on campus B.Bond was able to reach out and connect with his fellow students in a very diverse setting. He was then introduced to various music genres (pop, trance, and electronica) he never cared to listen to. As Bonds grew so did his skills in rapping. It was rare to see Bonds gracing the campus, as he was sweating and working in local recording studios during class time.

Bonds soon found a perfect fusion of Hip Hop and Pop but was quickly ridiculed by friends and engineers alike. Growing increasingly frustrated, Bonds quickly moved to a location known for its musical diversity and acceptance. Atlanta, GA. In Atlanta, B.Bonds teamed up producers and engineer Sean Blaque and Michael Jenkins. But his start was not as graceful as he predicted. Bonds had to share stingy studio time with other artists in the studio. However, that did not slow Brandon down, he stayed late hours in the studio while other artists left for home. Bonds soon emerged as the favorite artist. His surreal approach to rapping was raw and something Jenkins and Blaque felt should be apart of the music world.

Bonds fight to be accepted and relentlessness of becoming noticed is the same struggle and issues listeners and fans alike connect with. His energy and passion quickly converts listeners into fans at every show he performs. B.Bonds is surfing the wave of music's future. Bonds is currently doing shows in California and Atlanta. His first single "Comin' Home" is poised for national and international radio play. His forthcoming EP is set to be released late 2010. B.Bonds recently landed the lead role in E-40's new music video; "Gotta Do Better".
Someone once said, "The journey is not always an eloquent one, but the journey traveled, the mountains climbed, and stories told are the fabrics of what is beautiful and priceless in this world". And that essentially is Brandon Bonds and his fight into music.


The Return Of DJ Ali (Mixtape in Ireland)
Comin' Home - Single Release
-EP to be released May 24, 2010

Radio Play
SacTown Radio

Set List

1. Hella Fly
2. Comin Home
3. Shades On
4. Rebound Chick
5. Take Me For A Ride
6. Angel
7. Go With You