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"Five Reasons Why You Must See Black Box Revelation Live"

Some kind of music is just meant to be played live, and such is the case for blues-rock duo Black Box Revelation. These Belgium-based boys proved that in volumes last night when they took to Brooklyn, NY's Knitting Factory to deliver a set both riveting and purely felt. From the night's many highlights, we've rounded up our top five, and are offering them up as reasons why you must see this band live. Check it out, and stay tuned to PureVolume in the coming weeks for an exclusive interview with the band.

1. This duo sounds like a full band: Here lies the greatest mystery of last night's performance -- how is it possible for two people to produce a sound greater in scope than many full bands? We couldn't wrap our heads around it, and were increasingly blown away with every jam session, drum solo, and guitar riff. Their sound enough to flood the venue with such force and passion, we wouldn't be surprised if those walking past the venue mistook them for a five-piece.

2. Their jam sessions will keep you guessing: We're suckers for a good instrumental break, and this band knows how to make the most of theirs. This is because they are so genuinely absorbed in their stage-work, that they allow the music to guide them. Instrumental breaks ran anywhere from one to six minutes, and each was so perfectly placed and thoroughly executed, you'd think they were arranged. Later on, vocalist/guitarist Jan Paternoster revealed to us that many are actually improvised, and vary in length accordingly.

3. High On A Wire will become your new favorite song: There's something about this one that has us completely enamored. From the Black Keys-esque, jangling instrumentation to Paternoster's rough and raw vocals, the whole thing screams "highlight" -- and it hits you even harder when you hear it live.

4. Dudes toured with Janes Addiction: Seriously, you know you're in for a treat when the band you're seeing has just wrapped a supporting stint with Janes Addiction. Granted, we saw them sans-Jane last night, but we actually preferred watching them take full-reign of that stage.

5. They're still grounded: Despite their immense talent, ability to command a stage, and growing roster of supporters [everyone from Under the Radar to Guitar World], they're two of the nicest musicians we've met. They were so genuinely appreciative of all who came out to the show, and while performing, they made it a point to connect with their audience. The sentiment wasn't lost, and it made for a really enjoyable crowd experience. -

"Jane's Addiction performs at The Joint on Thursday"

Black Box Revelation, a Belgian garage duo of drummer Dries Van Dijck and guitar-singer Jan Paternoster wowed the crowd with its grinding, howling, '60s guitar distortion and '70s era kick drum and tunes including "Shadowman," "Love Licks," "Bitter," "High on a Wire" and "I Think I Like You."

Startling intricacies pulsed within the pair's deceptively straightforward presentation. They're often compared to the Black Keys, but they're more like the Kinks. Sorta. You know, if the Kinks wrote darkened melodies blended with swaggering blues riffs, then added ambient noise and punch-to-the-face drums. Look for a full-length studio album release from these guys this summer. - Tulsa World

"Jane’s Addiction @ Palace Theatre in Albany – 3/2/2012"

The duo of vocalist and guitarist Jan Paternoster and drummer Dries Van Dijck set the tone with their eclectic, edgy sound. Reminiscent of the Black Keys or White Stripes with a Mick Jagger/Oasis edge. - Albany Times Union

"Review: Jane's Addiction at The National"

It would be easy to simply refer to the openers, Black Box Revelation, as Belgium’s answer to The Black Keys. The guitar/drum duo had moments where they shone as kindred spirits to Akron’s celebrated twosome, but these guys knew better than to come on as just one more blues-based pair. With the power of four players and enough dexterity from guitarist Jan Pasternoster to sound like an imaginative six-string player plus a bassist, they hit hard with their own garage-rock stamp -

"Live review: Jane's Addiction, House of Blues, 3/10/2012"

Black Box Revelation, a heavier, garage-rock version of The Black Keys who played a ...set full of furious drumming and plenty of low-end riffs. .. the music ... leaned more toward punk than the bluesy base of The Black Keys, offering plenty of howls and Cobain rasp in the vocals.

Where so many opening acts are often dismissed or ignored, it didn't take long for BBR to win over the crowd. -

"Live review: Jane's Addiction, House of Blues, 3/10/2012"

Black Box Revelation, a heavier, garage-rock version of The Black Keys who played a ...set full of furious drumming and plenty of low-end riffs. .. the music ... leaned more toward punk than the bluesy base of The Black Keys, offering plenty of howls and Cobain rasp in the vocals.

Where so many opening acts are often dismissed or ignored, it didn't take long for BBR to win over the crowd. -

"Jane's Addiction at the Pageant, 2/22/12: Review, Photos, Setlist"

As the night began, Black Box Revelation hit the stage. Shrouded in red and pink stage lights, the Belgian duo kicked off into a handful of bluesy, garage-inspired rock songs. Stuck between the glory of its overseas popularity and the potential of arena rock stardom, BBR seem to still be cutting its teeth, only this time at the feet of a larger American audience. Songs like "Love Licks" and "I Think I Like You" heaved with fervor as rock guitar riffery met John Bonham-like thunder. It's a tough job to open for such a legendary band, but Black Box Revelation soldiered on, matching perfection with passion. - Riverfront Times

"Interview: Black Box Revelation's Jan Paternoster"

Listening to eclectic garage-rock sound of Black Box Revelation, you might be tempted to peg them as being either from posh London or the ultra-hip revival scene of Brooklyn. You'd be wrong on both counts.

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, the duo of guitarist/vocalist Jan Paternoster and drummer Dries Van Dijck manage to combine the catchiest elements of the Black Keys and Oasis with a grab bag of influences that range from hip-hop to folk to good old-fashioned blues.

Black Box Revelation just kicked off an intimate run of theater shows as direct support for Jane's Addiction of their "Theater of the Escapists" tour, which aims to hit smaller, older venues across the country.

I recently caught up with Paternoster to talk about the tour, guitars and the rock scene in Belgium. -

"Black Box Revelation Take the PV Q&A and Share Live Performance of "My Perception""

Black Box Revelation are the Belgium-based duo taking over the US with their incredible energy, explosive live shows, and a sound that fuses Black Keys' blues with a classic rock instrumentation. We were blown away by their set at the Knitting Factory on April 2, but had even more fun sitting down with the boys afterwards to talk keeping rock pure, the beauty of improv, Janes Addiction, and the best lobster they've ever had. Check it out, and as a teaser to their live shows [which we highly recommend you hit up,] watch this exclusive video performance of "My Perception," filmed at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia, PA. Be advised, the boys come back to play the states May 11 - June 15, and their US full-length debut, My Perception, is slated for an early summer release via Merovee.

"Black Box Revelation, 'High on a Wire' -- Video of the Day"

Black Box Revelation, 'High on a Wire' -- Video of the Day - AOL /

"Black Box Revelation - "Shiver Of Joy""

They might be from Belgium, but Black Box Revelation boasts more jangly, bluesy, American/British rock and roll swag than most US acts around today. This is that whiskey-drinking music. Think White Stripes, Black Keys, a little Led Zep, and a lot of Rolling Stones. Word on the street is that they kill it live.

"RB’s “Best of 2011? Staff Picks #5 – Best Album of 2011!"

The album hasn’t even officially been released in the United States yet, and won’t be until sometime in 2012. But if you got your hands on the UK release this October, you know just how good this bad boy is. The Belgium duo’s third album puts it all together. Raw and catchy garage rock with the production level to make it polished enough for the world’s ears. And guess who was behind it all- producer of the year (ya, I just gave that award out) Alain Johannes. I’m not sure how Black Box Revelation got in touch with Alain, but whoever guided em’ that way had it right on. Garage rock can easily get stuck in distortion and lo-fi production, but Alain was able to expand their range with new sounds and techniques, to make an album that screams for attention in all genres of rock music. “Madhouse” opens with an Iggy Pop inspired vibe and gets the album going. “Rattle My Heart” is your classic European style sing along- Razorlight put through the grinder, chewed up, and spit out with some intensity. “Shadowman” has the haunting backing vocals found on Queens of the Stone Age cuts, with a bass line driving like a BRMC song with a chorus that fits the mold as well. Check out “2 Young Boys” to get a feel for exactly what Black Box Revelation can do with their sound under the right direction. I just mentioned four of my favorite artists when describing four songs off the album- that’s a very good thing. Especially since there is not “skipper” out of the 11 songs on the album. The best part about it, Jan Paternoster’s unique vocals make everything seem fresh and exciting. When this album is released next year in the US, Black Box Revelation will be lighting up the blogs, music venues, and ears of everyone here. They are coming, and My Perception is going to be their battle songs. Don’t wait, get this excellent album now. -

"Artist to Watch: Black Box Revelation"

Get ready because Belgian rock duo, Black Box Revelation are bringing their live, electric, rock and roll sound to America, and by the sound of it, they're here to stay -

"Liam Gallagher & Beady Eye Make LA Debut at the Wiltern"

Playing songs from throughout their 6 year career, BBR were extremely impressive. It'd be nice to see them get some more exposure in the United States, such as on the Coachella band lineup. Paternoster's a master guitar wizard, and Van Dijck smashed the drums like a man possessed. - (Los Angeles)

""Black Box" A Revelation, Indeed"

The opening set by fledgling rockers Black Box Revelation was clearly the highlight of the evening. Memo to The Black Keys: you'd better watch your back - Black Box
Revelation is poised to break big, and soon. - (Boston)

"Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye finally makes its L.A. debut"

The Young Belgium duo lived up to their name with a garage-rock-centric half-hour opening set reminiscent of the Black Keys and the White Stripes. Vocalist Jan Paternoster played dirty blues guitar runs and Dries Van Dijck provided thunderous drums. - The Orange County Register

"Interview with Jan Paternoster of Black Box Revelation"

Jan Paternoster projects life driven lyrics with his fresh unique vocal style over an outstanding array of rhythmic strums while Drummer Dries Van Dijck provides a sturdy back bone for the music with immaculate timing that can only be compared to that of Ringo Starr. Together, they produce a unique and mesmerizing style of music that will make your soul return for more. - (St. Louis)


My Perception (LP) - 06/12/12
** Digital Singles **
High On A Wire
My Perception

Shiver Of Joy (EP) - Fall 2011
** Touring Release **
Limited Edition Colored-Vinyl
"Pay What You Want" Digital

**European Only Releases**
Lust Or Love (7") 2011
Silver Threats (LP) 2010
Live at AB Brussels (EP) 2008
Set Your Head On Fire (LP) 2007
Introducing The Black Box Revelation (EP) 2007



Brussels, Belgium may not be known for producing great rock and roll bands, but don't tell that to 22-year-old Jan Paternoster nor his 21-year-old sidekick Dries Van Dijck. They’ve already been playing together for a decade, and have released two albums in Europe, 2007's Set Your Head on Fire and 2010's Silver Threats. Both were critically acclaimed and established the duo as a notable up and coming artist in Belgium, France, & Germany. BBR is a cross between garage-band rock that takes its cues from mid-'60s Stones and Kinks while still possessing electric delta blues evocative of Led Zeppelin by way of The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

For their third studio release and US debut, My Perception, BBR teamed up with producer Alain Johannes [Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell, Them Crooked Vultures] to record at his L.A. home studio. Jan and Dries felt right at home in the country where so much of the music that inspired them had been made. The result is their most accomplished album to date, with sound and noise coalescing into memorable songs like the title track “My Perception”, or the pounding blues-ridden lead off single, "High On a Wire". The spooky acoustic strains of the Beatles-meets-Kinks British Invasion vibe of "Bitter", the thick ambience of "2 Young Boys," and percussive beat and rustic twang of "Shadowman", all add up to make this a must hear record. On My Perpceiton you will find choice cuts and a reminder that good music inspired by the days of old still exists. BBR manages to create a fresh and exciting sound with tastefull inspiration.

BBR spent the fall and winter months of 2011 opening for Girl In A Coma, The Meat Puppets, and Beady Eye in support of their Shiver Of Joy (EP) followed by direct support in 2012 for Jane's Addiction. This 6 track release contains 4 songs from their two previous European albums, as well as 2 b-sides from the forthcoming My Perception.