Black Box Revelation

Black Box Revelation


Black Box Revelation is a belgium rock band influenced by American Blues, British Pop Invasion, and it's Psychedelic Rock offspring.


Brussels, Belgium may not be known for producing great rock and roll bands, but don't tell that to 22-year-old Jan Paternoster nor his 21-year-old sidekick Dries Van Dijck. They’ve already been playing together for a decade, and have released two albums in Europe, 2007's Set Your Head on Fire and 2010's Silver Threats. Both were critically acclaimed and established the duo as a notable up and coming artist in Belgium, France, & Germany. BBR is a cross between garage-band rock that takes its cues from mid-'60s Stones and Kinks while still possessing electric delta blues evocative of Led Zeppelin by way of The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

For their third studio release and US debut, My Perception, BBR teamed up with producer Alain Johannes [Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell, Them Crooked Vultures] to record at his L.A. home studio. Jan and Dries felt right at home in the country where so much of the music that inspired them had been made. The result is their most accomplished album to date, with sound and noise coalescing into memorable songs like the title track “My Perception”, or the pounding blues-ridden lead off single, "High On a Wire". The spooky acoustic strains of the Beatles-meets-Kinks British Invasion vibe of "Bitter", the thick ambience of "2 Young Boys," and percussive beat and rustic twang of "Shadowman", all add up to make this a must hear record. On My Perpceiton you will find choice cuts and a reminder that good music inspired by the days of old still exists. BBR manages to create a fresh and exciting sound with tastefull inspiration.

BBR spent the fall and winter months of 2011 opening for Girl In A Coma, The Meat Puppets, and Beady Eye in support of their Shiver Of Joy (EP) followed by direct support in 2012 for Jane's Addiction. This 6 track release contains 4 songs from their two previous European albums, as well as 2 b-sides from the forthcoming My Perception.


High On A Wire

Written By: Jan Paternoster & Beverly Jo Scott

I'm on a wire
my head is on the run
trying to get further
cause hell no I can't rewind
this time I must go on

I get down I get down,
I can't stop this time can't stop
I get down I get down
I can't stop this time
can't stop stop

High on the wire
trying to do my show
just can't help thinking
what's going on below
This time I might fall down

My Perception

Written By: Jan Paternoster

all that I got my perception lost connection
all that I got my perception

well, I've seen the guards standing on the side of the road
leading us to another city
don't know if we'll ever see the sun again

and my sweet love, dead beasts don't look pretty
so close your eyes behind the window
I see your tears dancing in the sky

and it's all that I got my perception lost connection
all that I got my perception

forget the city the wood is where your soul lives
between the leaves the wolves and pigs
the only place where humans cannot hide

let's make history run together into the future
till we reach our last bed
and go to sleep while the candles are still burning

and it's all that I got my perception lost connection
all that I got my my perception

my perception lost connection
my perception a new dimension
my perception


Written By: Jan Paternoster

live in a world of anger
not one day to calm you down
no one wants to surrender
who will be the first to fall?

each and every one of us
needs someone to make love be true
we'll be in love forever
why don't we eat each others heart?

my heart tastes bitter without yours
without your heart

long gone in blood like amber
underneath the apple tree
the children climb our branches
impatient for the fruit o fall
each and every single day
is an everlasting passion kill
our souls entwined forever
domed together from the start

my heart tastes bitter without yours
without your heart

my heart
my heart tastes bitter without yours
my heart


My Perception (LP) - 06/12/12
** Digital Singles **
High On A Wire
My Perception

Shiver Of Joy (EP) - Fall 2011
** Touring Release **
Limited Edition Colored-Vinyl
"Pay What You Want" Digital

**European Only Releases**
Lust Or Love (7") 2011
Silver Threats (LP) 2010
Live at AB Brussels (EP) 2008
Set Your Head On Fire (LP) 2007
Introducing The Black Box Revelation (EP) 2007

Set List

Come to a show and see, we change it a lot. Here are some cool live videos.

"My Perception" @ Johnny Brenda's In Philly

"I Think I Like You" @ Pukkelpop in Belgium