Brandon Clark & The American Standard

Brandon Clark & The American Standard

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Brandon Clark & The American Standard is a mid-tempo rock band from Atlanta, Georgia.


Think about how many bands are in the Metro Atlanta area.

Chances are then -- you've never heard of Brandon Clark & The American Standard.


With a number of name changes, and band lineup changes -- it's no wonder you've never heard of them. But that's exciting.

At least to them.

A little over a year ago, Brandon Clark combined a group of friends and started a band. Within a year of starting this 'band' Clark and crew raised (with the help of their fans) over fifteen hundred dollars, signed a record deal with P is for Panda/Hopeless Records and gave away five hundred plus digital copies of their debut EP "Honestly" to eager listeners around the world.

There's a lot left to be discovered about Brandon and The American Standard. There's expectations, experiences and as some would say, potential. There's a lot of goofy adjectives and useless promotional jargon that could be said here, but ultimately you should discover and experience them on your own -- honestly, they wouldn't have it any other way.


Brandon Clark & The American Standard - "Honestly EP"