BC Campbell

BC Campbell

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Wilco meets Radiohead meets Love meets Raymond Carver.


BC Campbell grew up in Portland obsessed with classic rock and jazz. As an underaged saxophonist, he jammed around town in bars with old timers, who had played with the greats like Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. At the age of 18 he traded the saxophone for the guitar while pursuing a degree in International Relations that ended up taking him to Germany and Paris. After 9/11 he returned to the Pacific Northwest. Working an endless steam of shit jobs and composing for experimental performance, he found himself writing the songs that became he first album. His debut "Now's the Time" has been picked up by over 250 stations across North America (charting in the top 30). His songwriting has been reviewed as "Excellent songwriting…nearly perfect songs"-Hybridmusic.com, "fiercely well-written" –Nadamucho.com, "Brilliant and inspired"- Seattle free Radio, "a winning result…unshakable" – Pluginmusic.com


BC Campbell "Now's The Time" (2007, Ellis Isle Records)

Set List

When Did It Begin
Throws Me Around
I Wanna Be With You
Tell Me
The Pieces Don't Fit
I Believe