Brandon Clark & The B-Sides
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Brandon Clark & The B-Sides

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"Who Is Brandon Clark?"

You may have seen the stickers around town posing the question, "Who Is Brandon Clark?" And the answer is that he is a young singer/songwriter promoting two EP's. The first, which he will send you for free (go to, fill out a short form and the CD is yours), is titled 'Where I Am Now', and is a great taste of Clark's gifted guitar and vocal abilites that will leave fans of folk, indie and alt-country asking for more. But the main course in Clark's case is his forthcoming project 'From Point A to Point B', which gives listeners a dose of his songwriting in a simple, acoustic format. 'From Point A to Point B' will be available online and in a limtied run of CDs. Clark has been popping up at a slew of gigs around town recent;y, playing venues like The Savannah College of Art and Design and the Metro Coffee House, so keep an eye out."
-- The South Magazine (June-July 2008) - The South Magazine

"1 Liner: Brandon Clark - Fromt Point A to Point B"

Is Brandon Clark another artist that falls in the category of singer/songwriter? Yes. Does Brandon Clark also fit in with names like Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and Ace Enders? Absolutely, but with a style easily his own, he doesn’t get lost in the crowded scene. “300 Miles” and “Just The Way” are the more inviting, upbeat songs while “All That I Am” and “12 AM” fill the reflective and tranquil quota for the EP. Overall the passion, vocals, and guitar playing make this a worthy purchase and I would be surprised if Brandon Clark doesn’t take off and become a more familiar name in the very near future.
-- '1 Liner: Brandon Clark - Fromt Point A to Point B' - The Album Project - The Album


'From Point A to Point B' (EP)
Released July 21, 2008

Tracklist (21:00 minutes)
1. 300 Miles
2. Just The Way
3. The Victim & The Thief
4. All That I Am
5. 12 A.M.

All songs written by Brandon Clark.
B Clark Music (ASCAP)

'Where I Am Now' (EP)
Released October 17, 2006

Tracklist (33:00 minutes)
1. The Fire
2. Down To Georgia
3. Stuck With You
4. So Fast & So Far
5. Never Gonna' Be The Same
6. Remember When You Were Mine
7. In Love Without You
8. Brother

All Songs Written by Brandon Clark
B Clark Music (ASCAP)



Who IS Brandon Clark? It's all according to what you've heard.

For the past four years, while he was in college, Brandon called Savannah, Georgia his home. That's where he went from a local open mic visitor to a mysterious figure spoke of in coffee shops, local music joints, and on stickers plastered around the city. For those four years, Brandon was figuring that question out for himself -- what was his style? What was his true voice? What did he want to say? Did he have anything to say? It only became a matter of time before he figured out the answers to these questions and offered up his music for other people to find out just what he had to say.

The truth is, Brandon Clark is not very mysterious at all. When he's on stage, whether it's playing covers or original songs -- you know just who he is. Brandon is constantly writing, playing and covering songs that lend themselves to his own unique voice and style. Aside from the obvious points that he's a male singer/songwriter with a dash of soul, there are certain things you might never know about this Georgia boy.

For instance, Brandon has lived most of his life thus far dedicated to the 'fine'arts. In fact, before he played music or even an instrument for that matter -- he was a cartoonist. He often claims that people knew him throughout gradeschool as the 'kid who could draw'. For seventeen years, that was most of what he knew. It wasn't until his junior year of high school that he started to play guitar. Brandon was no stranger to music though -- his father Dave Clark played with the Platters back in the eighties, and when he was twelve, young Brandon played the snare drum in the fifth grade band. He learned quickly that the snare drum was not for him, and realized that maybe he didn't have what it took to play a musical instrument. As a junior, his grandmother and his mother prompted him to join his highschool chorus group, and that's just what he did. The combination of finally singing in front of people, and the free guitar he was given (for drawing a t-shirt design) set off the events that would place Brandon where he is today.

After graduating in June of 2008 with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts -- Brandon has found himself suddenly bound by the real world. The dreams he had of becoming an artist and musician are starting to take shape, and he's ready to turn those dreams into a reality.

Releasing his second album EP this summer, 'From Point A to Point B'-- Brandon is taking the neccesary steps to a full length album.

Everything he's ever done -- from designing his own websites, posters, and album packaging to writing, recording, promoting and producing his own music -- has combined together to make Brandon one of Atlanta's most exciting and up-and-coming artists.

The question that you should be asking yourself is not "Who is Brandon Clark?" but "How long before I hear more Brandon Clark?" The answer to that question is simply -- soon, very soon.