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Brandon Clay or better known as "BC" has always stood out from the rest because he never wanted to fit in with the crowd. Growing up without a father and a mother on drugs are just some of the obstacles he has had to overcome, but at the same time it helped shape and make him into the person and artist that he is today. While this story line is nothing new to those growing up in the inner-city, the triumph of overcoming these issues when so many others don't, is what gives GOD the glory in BC's life. It was evident early in his adolescent years that he had a talent and passion for music that could not be tainted by the current culture. This talent of course would have to be refined and honed into the polished artist that would earn him the nickname, "The Future" by Life or Death president Easop. BC acuminated his craft by rapping at local talent shows and making demo cd's at home on make shift studio equipment.

Part of BC's motivation as an artist, is the great commission to spread the gospel of the kingdom to everyone who will listen through his gift of rap. BC has a keen sense of storytelling, catchy metaphors, and wordplay in his music that will compel a listening ear. Like watching a well scripted movie with a great plot and twists and turns around every corner, he’ll keep you enticed into hearing the Word. His songs embody some of the hopes and dreams that so many young men have, as well as some of the pitfalls and realities that they face on a day to day basis growing up in the inner-city. BC makes no apologies for his music. His style is raw, but smooth! Blending perfectly to deal with street realities, but he is able to balance it all out with a message of hope and life thru Jesus Christ.

One of the most impressive qualities of BC is not his passion for music but more importantly his passion for the word and the things of GOD. In a day when so called "gospel rappers" are a plenty, what separates those who are anointed with talent from those who are just "talented" is their love for GOD by seeking HIM first. BC is also a
faithful attendee of Word of Faith Fellowship in Oakland, Ca. When he’s not making music he enjoys spending time with his wife Britney and their two children Mya & Brandon Jr. BC also enjoys collecting his thoughts while fishing and hanging out with his fellow label mates at Life or Death Records. For BC music is not just something you do, but something you live, and he is on a mission to prove it!