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We Bend

Written By: Brian C. Smith

--------We Bend---------------------
Written By Brian C. Smith

Raised tall and strong in Broken Arrow
Way out West on the Oklahoma plain
But trouble always seemed to follow
and high school didn't go his way.
When the Army man he came callin
Well it seemd like something good to do
but his Momma had a bad bad feelin
As Momma's often do


But they loved their country
And they wanted us to be free
So think about their families
And we bend, and we bend and we bend to our knees


Another boy who played with toy soldiers
Had a plan when he turned 18
Told his Mom he would still to go to college
She was proud but she cried the day they made him a Marine

Then they sent him on a C-130
Halfway across this great big world
He was only there a few short weeks
When they sent him back to his Mom and Dad


Another young man had just started a family
Painted houses when the weather was good
One day the phone rang and heard his little girl say
Hold on, I'll get him for you

Then he found himself on a long dusty highway
In a strange and unforgiving place
And he wondered how the hell he got there
All because of one man's mistake