B-Don & MiZi

B-Don & MiZi

BandHip Hop

Fresh, Funky Hip Hop, Tight Production and Live Show, Killer Flows, Live Instrumentation topped off with Clever, Clean insightful and thought provoking lyrics. B-Don & MiZi are the next generation of Australian Hip Hop


A breath of fresh air on the Australian front, B-Don & MiZi are 2 MC's out of Sydney.

Known around the local scene for bringing a swag of instruments to their live shows. B-Don & MiZi are unlike many of the artists or groups making Hip Hop in Australia. The duo along with DJ Mizmerise have been making music together for years, and now, are looking to raise the bar in the Australian scene.

Although largely unnoticed, B-Don & MiZi have already had some major support slots with artists like Bone Thugs n Harmony, Phaorohe Monche and DAS EFX to name a few. Completely independent and wanting to stay that way B-Don and MiZi are all about doing it right, even if that takes time.