Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

We play our music real fast, and cover songs, but not the way you know them! We're punk rocking musicians with odd haircuts, lab coats, and we drink our beer out of chemistry lab glassware. Welcome to our world, punk and funk it up.


Formed by Carl Van Dommelen (player of mad slapping bass and lead vocals) in Milwaukee of 2006, Beaker brings high energy shows to the mix with their unique blend of punk and funk. Combined with former members of prog rockers Silent Anthem and metallers Beerfish, Anton Filyayev and Mike Adashek round out the lineup on drums and guitar, respectively. The trio rocks lab coats whilst savagely flailing around the stage, and melting faces in the process.

The group originally stuck to select incandescent 80's and 90's covers, which were then proceeded to be "punkified," (in their lingo). They now also perform their own blend of quirky original music, in addition their previous punkified covers from Devo, Talking Heads, Suicidal Tendencies, upon others. Their new song “Squirrel Killer” (the official music video can be found on Youtube) brings multiple tones to the table with its fast rhythmic guitar licks, a definite punk vibe coming off the drums, and chaotic, yet at times, melodic lyrics. With the road ahead, Beaker looks forward to playing at a venue near you!


Anticipointment (2011) - Studio LP, Self Distributed
Beaker (2006) - Demo CD, Self Distributed

Set List

Max set is 3 hours.

Usual club sets are 14-17 originals and 3-4 covers, but not more than 19 total.