BandHip Hop


In a music scene filled with “wannabes” and imitators desperate to gain notoriety by mimicking the style of other successful performers, Will Phillips, or simply Beamin, made up his mind to find ways to set himself apart from other acts. Determined to maintain his individuality, he wanted to establish a distinct style that stood out from other performers within his genre of music. Once he began recording in the studio, he focused on creating a brand of music that was distinctly his; an eclectic mix of music that varies from track to track. It is this dedication to versatility that keeps his fans anxiously anticipating what he will come up with next. He has invested countless hours of contemplation, hard work, and studio time into crafting a style of music that is uniquely his, while staying true to the genre that inspired him initially, hip-hop music.

The product of his hard work has been a new type of hip hop music that is both refreshingly original and distinctly self-assured. Upon hearing his music, it is clear that he possesses exceptional delivery, as well as an energy and charisma all his own… attributes that are evident in his live performances. Beamin has set himself apart from other performers in his genre by providing fans with upbeat, energetic rap music that has shattered stereotypes and silenced critics in the process. His fans appreciate him for his versatility and while you never know what to expect from one song to the next at his shows, his creative wordplay and infectious beats continue to keep audiences nodding their heads.


"Gulf Coast's Finest" (January 2012)

"Any Given Sunday" (May 2012)

"Ebony & Ivory" project coming soon...