Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Bean found its beginning late one night at a rooftop party in downtown Memphis, TN. Rodney, Jeremy, Chris, and Richard were more all brought together during an impromptu jam/singalong that made an entire rooftop shake from people dancing and singing along. After that night, the four began playing together all over town, and chose to name the project- Bean!


Anchored by the energy of singing and busking out an about and spreading the fun of sing-a-longs at parties and with friends. The members of Bean took what they were playing on the streets of Memphis, TN and decided to put it on a record. Choosing multi-layered, high-energy vocal harmonies and elegant, free flowing guitars, which allow the melodies to grandly take off. Underneath that is a rhythm section that is driven by simple funky bass lines and hard-hitting drums. All of these elements combine for a record that takes its roots in folk, rock, pop, and even a small touch of So-Cal surf rock. Where Bean truly comes alive is in their live performances in which they take influences from such acts as the Avett Brothers, Queens of the Stone Age and other local Memphis bands. They strive to spread a positive vibration and share their love of music and all of it shows in their performances and music.


Bean- Self Titled EP-Released January 1, 2012
Self Released Digital Album
Available for download on
Also physical copies for sale

Set List

Headlining or Supporting Original Set:
(Set times avainlable to vary from 45min-90min):

What if I told you
Crazy Love>
My Friend
Get that Close
Kings of this House
See You Again
Worn Out Shoes
If Only For a Little While
I'm Free
Get to You

Cover/Original Set:
(Set times available to vary from 1-3 hours)