Bear Claps

Bear Claps


Electro-folk-pop.. created in a cozy Ottawa basement and fueled by caffeine, nintendo, children's toys, and love. No, I was confusing that with something else. Mostly, it's the caffeine.


In Derek's words: "Bear Claps formed out of the necessity to keep warm during the cold Ottawa winter nights of late 2006. Dreaming of love and circuit boards, they craft nostalgic pop songs that reach back to the days of marbles and sea monsters.."

Derek and Tyson met in theatre school, and quickly decided that they had to make sweet music as soon as possible. They went at that, and also engaged in various other bands and side projects before becoming a more serious duo. Interesting shows and songs resulted.

In September 2007, Jenna joined providing another guitar and some vocals. And occasionally, delicious baked goods.

Bear Claps have performed quite a few shows in the Ottawa region and are looking for more.. hungering for interesting venues in new towns and to share the stage with a greater variety of acts. Perhaps even some strange beasts, like themselves.


Various demo's given out at shows and by request.

Appeared on a cd of local artists as a soundtrack to a children's book. ("Ben's Bunny Trouble" by Daniel Wakeman & Dirk Van Stralen)

An EP of sorts in the works.

Set List

Set is between 30-45 minutes long.

Currently consists of:
Progress (is a Russian's wife), Mountains & Mountains, Kempenfelt, Science, Olfestango, Rockets, & Diamondfisted

All songs relatively short.. most about 3-4 minutes.