Bear Country

Bear Country


The band meanders between styles while rooted in alt-country and folk. The music's strengths are dynamic and heartfelt, with the ability to capture an audience's attention by dipping and diving between droning feedback and simple pickin', all underneath vocal harmony and atop a solid rhythm section.


After some line up changes and evolution in sound since the band’s inception in 2005, Slumber Party Records’ Bear Country features a sound one might expect from life on the Plains in the modestly populated city of Omaha, Nebraska. While Bear Country’s sound on their debut album “Our Roots Need Rain” (2006) features the catchy melodies of airy folk-pop, it has diverged drastically after scrapping many recordings the band had worked on in 2006-07. Their latest – and “start-over” – recording, which was released in the winter of 2010 and is entitled “Frozen Lake”.

The sound of this EP and the performance of its material live hosts an eclectic sound rooted in folk, classic country, blues, and the minimalist and cool movements. Bear Country’s sound palette is based upon the band’s focus to attain a dynamic and organic ensemble-like sound and is supported by a mix of voices ranging from breathy croons to throaty bellowed moans laying atop the amalgamation of minimal drums and percussion, stringed instruments and keyboards and their reverb-decay, and tempos that dip between boot-tappers and slow hip-swayers. Their songs range from soft, sweet, and flowing, to staggered and intoxicated volumes fortified in range by a song’s experience. Live shows of Bear Country seek to maintain the organic and hazy nature of say … “Harvest”, “Sea Change”, “Pink Moon”, or “Kind Of Blue”, while embracing experiments in sound such as recordings by Gabor Szabo, Radiohead, the Velvet Underground, or Califone – all the while Bear Country seeks a gentle sweetness of country artist influences like Townes Van Zandt, Neko Case, Gillian Welch, and Michael Hurley. This music-child of Omaha hopes to bring all the feelings of an empty vista to its listeners, whether on wax or by the microphone.

After performing in support of "Frozen Lake", Bear Country is now writing, recording, and compiling material for a full length, as well as performing regularly in Omaha and around the Midwest, featuring new material and new takes on old tunes.


Out Roots Need Rain (LP) - 2005 - CD/Digital

Frozen Lake (EP) - Winter 2009/10 - 10"/Digital