Beardo the Man

Beardo the Man


Beardo the Man is "4 to the floor" dance beats, ripping guitar and synth lines, on point rhythm section, the occasional re-take of an 80's (typically female vocalized) pop tune, and stories of sex, drugs, and envy-inciting bicycles based on the life of BEARDO THE MAN.


Beardo the Man is the brainchild of musician and Long Island native, Elias Khalife. In early 2009, he began constructing songs and music videos with his friend, Doug Piacentini (videographer and synth player.)

In early 2010, Elias decided to bring Beardo a step further and incorporate a live act. He added bass player, Jon Romond, who worked with Elias in his former band, Sticker. When searching for a drummer, Romond suggested his friend, Mikey Bell, who collaborated with him in two prior projects.

After one practice, the band quickly noticed a chemistry and were motivated to write more music together. They also share a sense of humor evident in their videos, song lyrics, and stage presence.


"Live at Arlene's Grocery" - 2010
"Beardo the Man" EP - 2010

Set List

1. It Ain't Easy Being the Man
2. Everybody's Jealous of My Bike
3. Desperate Bitches
4. Straight Up (P. Abdul)
5. What the Hell are You Talking About?
6. Transitional Song
7. I'm a Dancer
8. At the Club (I Just Want to F***in' Dance!)
9. Do You Really Want to Dance with Me?
10. If You Really Want to Dance with Me
11. Eat That P****