London, England, GBR

Beatbox champ and Youtube star Beardyman can seduce any crowd with his unique gift of the gob. His live shows use cutting-edge technology to create full musical compositions created entirely from his voice. No pre-recorded material is used - everything's created live in front of the audience.


The overwhelmingly talented Darren Foreman is Beardyman.
His best thing since sliced bread and butter vibe began with him smashing up the standard for beatboxing, becoming the heavyweight UK champion, ticking the WIN box twice for title of UK Beatboxer back to back in 2006/07. Which was sorta impressive, but then what?
Beardyman emancipated his beatboxing by injecting it full of steroids with knife edge music technology. Using a Kaoss Pad and looping technology enabled him to improvise on the stage that that would take weeks in the studio, using the very vanguard of Live Music Production to build sonic soundscapes; a pistol duel at dawn with the capabilities of top DJs. Scorning those that say technology has no place in beatboxing, he’s leapt the fence to prove ‘em all wrong to jaw dropping effect.
His diversity and ability to musically evolve makes his abilities truly exciting, probably the reason guru Rob Da Bank calls him “literally the most entertaining live human being I’ve seen in donkey’s years”.
Beardyman has been mining his own golden seam of success, casting off the traditional shackles of the music industry, not only by using the very apex of cutting edge technology, using four Kaoss Pad 3s in ways inconceivable to minor mortals, but pushing the envelope as an inventive and creative artist.
Like some sort of musical Victor Frankenstein, Beardyman works the sonic vernacular into mind expanding mashups using the sole instrument of his voice. Collaborating with visuals maestro Mr Hopkinson, together they created chocolate cream cake for your eyes and ears in the form of a series of YouTube virals beginning with Kitchen Diaries, garnering over 3.7 MILLION views. In the truest sense of the word viral, the talents of Beardyman have pervaded every last corner of the globe, gaining tens of millions of views, surfing into homes on the most prolific medium of the 21st century, culminating in being beamed LIVE into your computer as main headliner on the first ever YouTube streamed concert, YouTube Live, and becoming a supernova of the world wide web and personal hero of the entire Google empire (owners of the earth).
On stage Beardyman has been playfully twisting the brains of ravers the world over with his unique brand of beatboxing; leading them on sonic adventure and gleefully toying with their addled minds. He’s graced the famed mainstages of Lovebox, Rise, Sonar by Night, Turning Point, Bestival, giving incredible performances that embraced the musical variety of the festival scene, memorably opening Glastonbury with a set in the Dance Village that was the flagstone for a sensational festival. His eye for talent has led him to join forces with artists of fearsome calibre, proving his dexterity as an artist.
Central to all Beardyman performances is a playful sense of humour. Well aware that his incredible career is based on his ability to “tune a raspberry”, Beardyman is able to make fun of himself and the audience with a natural comedic ability, leading to standing ovations at sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe festival 2009, both with his own shows in the Udderbelly, Underbelly and at the Time Out comedy revue ‘For One Night Only’, proving an ability to cross over genres.
Bringing it all home are Battlejams London and Brighton, the respective hometowns of Beardyman and turntable mentalist, 2007’s DMC Champion, JFB, bringing a completely original audience participation based experience to crowd swollen venues.
Ready to smash your expectations all over again, Beardyman is getting into the studio to record the stuff in his mind, and outside of the constraints of looping, the outcome should be intergalactic. The next step for Beardyman could well be one giant leap for mankind...



Set List

sets between 30-45 minutes. reworks of anything from Kanye West and Suzanne Vega to Aphex Twin and Chemical Brothers tied together with comedic skits and original beats in a completely unique delivery via live production.