Bearfoot Beware

Bearfoot Beware


Experimental, scrappy, but with an accessible underbelly, Bearfoot Beware are an alt-rock power trio from Leeds.


Comprising of Thom Bradley, Ric Vowden and Mike Osborne, this year has seen the gentlemen release their sophomore EP BASS LANE (pronounced like - but not to be confused with; the fish), performing alongside the likes of Johnny Foreigner, Tellison and Two Door Cinema Club in the process. Their latest record marks the next transgression in the band's habitual knack for combining pop harmonies with the the stop-start abrasiveness of math rock. Whatever that means.

Live however, is where Bearfoot Beware's raw energy and prog-inspired freakouts come alive. A combination of childlike over exuberance and mature musicianship.


No Faces Gold - April 2011

5 Track E.P. tracks Catbus and Tom Savini's Fake Blood have received a series of plays with Tom Robinson and Alan Raw from the BBC as well as plays from local student radios.

BASS LANE - April 2012

3 Track E.P. all tracks have received radio play from Tom Robinson and Alan Raw.

Set List

In no particular order .. a 30 Minute set would be

My Love is a Seagull
Green Eyes
Tom Savini's Fake Blood
Tending to the slim pickings on the floor
Gerard dePardieu
Lemon Curd