Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

We took all that we love about the moving sound and lyrics of folk music and added our own twist, using an electric bass, a little piano, and whatever music-making devices we find lying around, thus making a sound that we feel is truly unique.
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Jason and Abe have known each other since childhood both growing up in the Cleveland and Charleston area of Tennessee. Trent met Abe and Jason in 2006 in a small house near the Lee University campus. Many jam sessions were to be had but nothing legitimate came about. Abe was busy running the local music venue Thirsty Thursdays. Abe and Trent starting playing together in church on Sundays. It wasn't until 2010 that Abe and Jason decided it was time to turn all of this history into something tangible, from that Bearhound was born.


Down The River (2012) The entire album is on Rhapsody, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.

The Del Rio Sessions Vol. 1
available at Bearhound Shows
Coming soon to iTunes

Set List

We adjust our set list according to the time given and the type of crowd we are playing for.