Bearin' Peace

Bearin' Peace

 Bergenfield, New Jersey, USA

Bearin' Peace is straight out of North Jersey and is quickly building a name for themselves by blending together a clever mix of reggae and rock n' roll music. With a strong work ethic, a truely unique sound, and a reputation for putting on great live shows, this band never dissapoints!


Bearin’ Peace…Smooth, soulful, versatile, energized and original. Five word that best describe this rock/reggae phenom from north Jersey. Hailing from Bergenfield and Lincoln Park, these guys know how to rock while still touching that certain spot that will have you dancing without even realizing it. Their music and live performance is absolutely contagious!

Ever, see a band and say to yourself, “all of these songs sound the same!”? Bearin’ Peace is forging a war against conformity and offers songs from all over the spectrum. From smooth reggae to hard rock; jumpy swing to punk, oh and don’t forget some blues thrown right in the middle! These guys boast it all! Whether at one of their shows or listening to one of their 2 (going on 3) albums, Bearin’ Peace is sure to make you want more and more.

With 2 independent, yet full length EP’s, already out on iTunes and any other place you can buy music, Bearin’ Peace offers music for days! In the studio now recording album No. 3, they look forward to rocking people even harder! B.P. has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some legendary acts including reggae legends Bob Marley's Original Wailers, Gramps Morgan, Duane Stephenson and Bankie Banx. Funk pioneer George Clinton and the parliament funkadelic. Meatloaf, Bare Naked Ladies, Zack Deputy and Badfish.

If you haven’t seen a Bearin’ Peace show or heard on of their 2 albums, you are depriving yourself of your god given right to enjoy good music!


Warrior Song

Written By: Anthony Restifo

“Warrior Song”
By Anthony Restifo

I’ve got a secret under my bed. It ate up my heart; it wouldn’t fit in my head. It was alive. Keeping me down, but it’s keeping me warm. Now that you ain’t around.
Where do you go? When you go off, on your secret walks, with your crazy talk. You seem to far gone, like you’re not alone. Come back home. We need to move on. This is your Warrior Song.

I can recall because I was there, how you were before, when nobody cared. But I can still see that somewhere inside, you’re trying to break free. You don’t want to die.
And I will hold on. As long as you can, you’re not what they say. You’re still a good man. You’re breaking my heart. I don’t understand. Unlock this trap. So you can be free again. Warrior Song.

Your daddy was wrong, your mother was sad. Your family was shook, they just weren’t prepared. But I stood by you. It wasn’t my plan. I just did what I knew, all those times that were shared.
And you’ll be o.k. friend; I’ll take you with me. We’ll open your mind, so you can be free. And you don’t deserve this, but you’ve been so strong. You’re my hero for sure, this is your Warrior Song.

Warrior Song


Bearin' Peace self titled debut album was released in May of 2008 and is available on iTunes
Bearin' Peace 2nd album "I Don't Care" was released in August 2010 and is also available on iTunes

Many songs from the album can be heard on the radio all over the country including New Jersey, New York, The Florida Keys, Pennsylvania....

Set List

Our Sets can last from 1 to 2+ hours.
We are an original band with original music!

Venues played include: Starland ballroom, B.B. KINGS NYC, Alive @ 5 Music Festival, Petzoo! Music Festival, Boonton River Jam, Six Flags Great Adventure, Rocks off Concert Cruise NYC, The Knitting Factory, Mexicali Live, The Stone Pony, Dexter's, Blend, Crash Mansion, The Cutting Room etc.....