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London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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"Playing with an air of confidence, you would think they've been gigging for years and not for under 6 months, which is the case. Bearknuckles proves that if you have talent, the sheer determination and the love for what you do, then this is the result. These guys are making there own impact on rock. Simply awesome" - Rock Reborn Review, Bristol

"....Energy from start to finish, youthful, raw, potent.....a well spent 40 minutes." - Toby Leeming, Production, Warner music.

"BearKnuckles followed and I really enjoyed their set. They were very tight and had that whole 'new British rock n' roll' thing going on... Energetic indie-rock with some interesting dynamics and guitar playing... The frontman behaving as a frontman should, someone who makes you want to keep watching and listening. For younger bands thats always the classic test. Can I imagine them gracing the pages of NME? Yes." - Ed Hutchinson. Moles Club Review.

"The excellent Bearknuckles were playing to a packed crowd in the downstairs bar area next. These 3 guys have got it going on! Great songs in a Block Party meets The Jam kind of way, I loved every minute of it. And I'm not just saying that because I got into this gig via their guest list. If I didn't like what they did, I wouldn't even mention them. So no bias, just great music. Watch out for them next time they play in town". - Gary Smith. Bristol Uncovered review.

"You'd expect Bearknuckles to be impressive after a successful 2006 and you won't be disappointed, fingers clicking and hips swinging is needed when listening to there debut EP Claws and Effects. One great single and you will be queing to buy tickets for these guys" - Big Issue Ep Review Jan 07.

"Don’t let the fact that BearKnuckles hail from Bristol in the UK fool you: this ain't no trip hop act ! BearKnuckles play a more rock n roll version of the current indie sound, with more rough edges, more wild guitar and more anger. Dirty City sounds like what it says: gritty, angry and dirty. Its great stuff, a pure rock n' roll injection into what can be quite an antiseptic and over-produced genre at the moment. Vocalist Ross Stone has got a great voice for this kind of thing and quite clearly gives it stick in the singing department. I would love to see this three piece live, because if they can sound this energised on a demo recording, I’d just love to see what they put out on stage !. " High pitch Cure-esq vocals mixed with sonic rock n' roll mayhem.....fabulous" - Matchbox Radio 24.

"BearKnuckles are another band showing Muse influeneces and pulling it off with style. These guys mentioned influences from Led Zep and Foo Fighters backstage and you can see the style they are currently producing. Not only are these boys fabulous eye candy but they have ample amount of scrambling guitars and songs other musicians should envy. ' People of Barnsley you missed out a treat'. " - Barnsley SoundBite BBC evening review 07.

"There's a buzz around Bearknuckles at the minute - they've got gigs around the country and even in Malawi in upcoming months. And from their tremendous first song it was clear why. These boys are Bristol's next big thing." - Bristol showcase Fleece gig July 2007.

"A hard act to follow and this task was besieged onto Bristol's next big thing BearKnuckles. With some excellent support slots under their belt and gushing reviews they swaggered through a brilliant 45 minute set. 'Move and React' and 'Like You' stood out. Possessing a raw and nervy attitude, both songs thundered along at a blistering paranoid pace, itching guitars and desperately searching angry vocals crashing into each other to create perfect art pop punk. It makes you wonder why E4 used an American band for the theme of 'Skins' when they had all they needed on their doorstep in Brizzle in the shape of BearKnuckles". - Live review: Farmfest with Friendly Fires.

"Relocated from Bristol Bearknuckles are a power trio of serious power and artrock tunes. Influences like Bloc Party, Gang of Four, We Are Scientists Death from above 1979, Biffy Clyro put you in the picture. Their's is an accessible if punk-ed up sound of fuzzed guitar and locked in bass and flared hi-hat grooves. Their nods to UK post punk's Cure and Jam make the most obvious contemporary comparison Neil's Children. Three self released EPs now under their belt including the most recent "White Noise' release at the back end of last year and a gig and supports list as long as two arms means that a rocking 'live' show is where it really happens for Bearknuckles." - Artrocker


Friend or Foe? EP produced by BearKnuckles and engineered by Jon Marsh in March 2007. Tracks include Friend or Foe? and Like You.

White Noise EP produced by BearKnuckles/Tobias Quimm and engineered by Jon Marsh in September 2007. Tracks include White Noise and Move & React.



Having set out together in November 2006, BearKnuckles have been spreading their destructo pop mantra across the UK and beyond. Energetic performances and songs steeped in teenage kicks, ranging from punk to vintage powerpop thrills, have created a palpable buzz on the club scene.

Fronted by frenetic guitarist and vocalist Ross Stone, propelled by Matt's Pecks on drums and Tim King Stagg on bass, BearKnuckles are rampant in their resolve. The band meld British influences such as The Jam, The Cure and Gang of Four, with the American sounds of Queens of the Stone Age, We are Scientists and Death From Above 1979. Combined, they unleash an original blend of "destructo powerpop dancing on the dark side".

To date BearKnuckles have provided big support for many national touring acts, including The Draytones, Sunshine Underground, Help She Can't Swim and New Young Pony Club among others. The boys also had the amazing experience of jetting to Malawi, Western Africa, at the end of October 2007 to play at the Lake of Stars Festival, warming up for Radio 1's Annie Mac.