Bear Lake

Bear Lake


Were not just your average bear.With hard hitting songs like "Matters" and "Between the Lines"our music quickly gets to the point. Fully flavored with catchy bass lines,razor sharp guitars, kick pounding drums, and positive harmonies.Less Talk and more rock! Cheers!


Bear Lake is Maximum Volume Inside an old rusted semi trailer full of dust and salvation. We are Influenced by the extreme tempo's of the early 90's so cal punk rock scene. Bear Lake The Road, The Lake, The School, The Band. Were simply preserving our youth through the name. A name to represent Our Friends, Families, Fans, and the Community. After playing music for years we've finally Crafted some original hand made music. Ultimately our goal is to uplift our audience, and heighten their awareness through music.


Bare Nessecities Demo- 2006
Self titled E.P.- 2007

Set List

Our typical set list includes 12 originals, two covers and an encore.Our covers include influential punk bands that inspired us to be musicians.(PennyWise, Ten Ft Pole, Rancid, Nofx...)
Our set usually runs about 40 to 45 mins and is highly energetic.